Carlito's Way
  • 1. Who directed the movie 'Carlito's Way'?
A) Francis Ford Coppola
B) Steven Spielberg
C) Brian De Palma
D) Martin Scorsese
  • 2. In which city is the story of 'Carlito's Way' primarily set?
A) Chicago
B) Los Angeles
C) Miami
D) New York City
  • 3. What is the main character's full name in 'Carlito's Way'?
A) Miguel Perez
B) Antonio Cortez
C) Carlos Rivera
D) Carlito Brigante
  • 4. Who plays the role of Carlito Brigante in the movie 'Carlito's Way'?
A) Robert De Niro
B) Joe Pesci
C) Al Pacino
D) Denzel Washington
  • 5. Which actor plays the character David Kleinfeld in 'Carlito's Way'?
A) Sean Penn
B) Christopher Walken
C) Andy Garcia
D) John Leguizamo
  • 6. What does Carlito open with Kleinfeld after his release from prison?
A) A casino
B) A nightclub
C) A restaurant
D) A barbershop
  • 7. What is the name of Carlito's former girlfriend in 'Carlito's Way'?
A) Gail
B) Maria
C) Elena
D) Sara
  • 8. Which character says the famous line, 'You think you're big time? You're gonna die big time!'?
A) Benny Blanco
B) Rolando
C) Lalin
D) Pachanga
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