The Taking Of Power By Louis Xiv
  • 1. Which advisor played a key role in the rise to power of Louis XIV?
A) Cardinal Mazarin
B) Cardinal Fleury
C) Cardinal Retz
D) Cardinal Richelieu
  • 2. What year did Louis XIV become King of France?
A) 1789
B) 1643
C) 1715
D) 1661
  • 3. What nickname is Louis XIV commonly known by?
A) Sun King
B) Earth King
C) Star King
D) Moon King
  • 4. Which royal palace did Louis XIV extensively enlarge and renovate during his reign?
A) Versailles
B) Chateau de Chambord
C) Louvre
D) Fontainebleau
  • 5. Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685, what was the significance of this act?
A) Decrease in taxes
B) Expansion of civil rights
C) Promotion of freedom of religion
D) Persecution of Protestants
  • 6. Who was the finance minister under Louis XIV known for his economic reforms?
A) Jacques Necker
B) Louvois
C) Jean-Baptiste Colbert
D) Nicolas Fouquet
  • 7. What was the name of the royal court of Louis XIV?
A) Court of Louvre
B) Court of Versailles
C) Court of Fontainebleau
D) Court of Chantilly
  • 8. What style of art and architecture is often associated with Louis XIV's reign?
A) Rococo
B) Neoclassical
C) Gothic
D) Baroque
  • 9. During Louis XIV's reign, what was the official court language of France?
A) Spanish
B) French
C) Italian
D) Latin
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