JSS 2 Prevocational Studies 3rd Test
  • 1. 1. _____ is the mechanical manipulation of soil to prepare a suitable seed for crop production
A) Bush Clearing
B) Tilling
C) Pre-planting
D) Stumping
  • 2. 2. All operations carried out in the farm right from the beginning of the farming season to the end is called _____
A) Cultural practices
B) Post planting
C) Pre-planting
D) Stumping
  • 3. 3. ______ is removing stumps right from the base of their roots
A) Bush Clearing
B) Planting
C) Stumping
D) Tilling
  • 4. 4. ______ is the amount or quantities of seeds or planting materials used on a hectare of land
A) Ridging
B) Spacing
C) Seed rate
D) Planting
  • 5. 5. _____ involves breaking up the larger clods of soil into smaller pieces after initial ploughing
A) Stumping
B) Harrowing
C) Ridging
D) Spacing
  • 6. 6. ______ is the process of covering the soil surface with non-living materials such as crop residue, grass and saw dust
A) Thinning
B) Mulching
C) Stumping
D) Spacing
  • 7. 7. _____ is the removal of extra seedlings from a stand when the seedlings per stands germinate more than the required
A) Mulching
B) Harrowing
C) Spacing
D) Thinning
  • 8. 8. _____ is the replacing of seeds that failed to germinate
A) Mulching
B) Supplying
C) Replacing
D) Thinning
  • 9. 9. _____ is the cutting of dead and dropping branches to give the tree a suitable shape
A) Thinning
B) Trimming
C) Shaping
D) Cutting
  • 10. 10. The system of farming where a farmer raise both crops and animals on the same farm is _____
A) Mixed farming
B) Multi farming
C) Post planting
D) Mixed planting
  • 11. 11. _____ are used as manure to improve soil fertility
A) Broken furniture
B) Saw dust
C) Animal droppings
D) Riped fruits
  • 12. 12. In _____ system of farming, farmers abandon a plot of land permanently after planting on it for years and moved to another land
A) Post planting
B) Crop rotation
C) Mixed farming
D) Shifting cultivation
  • 13. 13 _____ involves rearing animals on a large expanse of fenced land
A) Camping
B) Ranching
C) Animal rotation
D) Herding
  • 14. 15. ______ is the system of cropping which involves the planting of forage crops and food crops in alternation
A) Ranching
B) Mono cropping
C) Mixed cropping
D) Ley farming
  • 15. 16. _____ is a practice whereby more than one type of crop is planted on a plot of land at the same time
A) Multi planting
B) Mono planting
C) Mixed farming
D) Mixed cropping
  • 16. 17. Agents of weed dispersal are all except _____
A) water
B) wind
C) animals
D) plants
  • 17. 18. Weeds compete with crops for all except _____
A) water
B) sunlight
C) shape
D) space
  • 18. 19. ____ reduces the market value of crops
A) Water
B) Space
C) Sunlight
D) Weeds
  • 19. 20. _____ can serve as food to man and soil organisms
A) Weeds
B) Animal droppings
C) Dead plants
D) Saw dust
  • 20. 21. Examples of storage structures are all except ____
A) silos
B) barns
C) cribs
D) cage
  • 21. 22. _____ are structures designed to accommodate processing machines
A) Production houses
B) Storage structures
C) Processing shed
D) Living houses
  • 22. 23. _____ is a building where the farmer and his managerial staff stay away to plan and coordinate all the strategies of the farm business
A) Storage houses
B) Farm office
C) Production houses
D) Living houses
  • 23. 24. To avoid offensive odours in living houses, _____ should not be sited close to them
A) Offices
B) Livestock pens
C) Production room
D) Storage houses
  • 24. 25. Farm buildings should be sited on the higher grounds to avoid _____
A) weeds
B) odours
C) hot weather
D) flood
  • 25. 26. ______ of land can be put to advantage in siting structure and buildings
A) Beauty
B) Cost
C) All of the above
D) Slope
  • 26. 27. _____ are stored in barn
A) Grains
B) Yam
C) Fruits
D) Vegetables
  • 27. 28. The primary rocks formed from hot mitten rock which cooled and solidi is ____
A) Igneous rock
B) Quartzite rock
C) Sandy rock
D) Metamorphic rock
  • 28. 29. The word "meta" in metamorphic means _____ and "morphe" means ____
A) loss, gain
B) rust, build
C) change, form
D) destroy, create
  • 29. 30. Example of metamorphic rock is _____
A) coal
B) granite
C) marble
D) dolomit
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