AIC JS 1 Prevoc 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. A storage pest of maize is........
A) Termite
B) Beetle
C) Weevil
D) Grasshopper
  • 2. ........ Can destroy maize or beans in storage
A) Cold
B) Housefly
C) Sun
D) Weevils
  • 3. The following are agricultural practices in Nigeria except.....
A) Hunting
B) Animal rearing
C) Weed cultivation
D) Fishing
  • 4. The first type of farming system practiced in Nigeria is......,
A) Mulching
B) Monocropping
C) Mixed farming
D) Crop rotation
  • 5. ............ are animals that give birth to their young ones alive and feed them with milk from the mammary glands
A) Bird
B) Mammals
C) Reptiles
D) Fish
  • 6. Cowpea found growing in a rice farm will be regarded as a........
A) Weed
B) Manure
C) Vegetable
D) Bonus
  • 7. Weeds can be used for the following except...........
A) Food
B) Controlling erosion
C) Drugs
D) Increase crop yield
  • 8. Examples of biting and chewing insect pests include all except......
A) Bat
B) Beetles
C) Bird
D) Rat
  • 9. The use of machinery, skilled labour and large areas farmland are all characteristics of ......
A) Commercial farming
B) Monocropping
C) Mixed cropping
D) Subsistence farming
  • 10. Living organisms that destroy agricultural products when stored are known as.....
A) Pets
B) Pests
C) Wild animals
D) Farm animals
  • 11. ........... Is a process by which green plants manufacture their food.
A) Pollination
B) Transportation
C) Photosynthesis
D) Fertilization
  • 12. When a farmer produces for himself and his family needs, he is practicing........ Farming
A) Subsistence farming
B) Natural farming
C) Real farming
D) Family farming
  • 13. The seasonal movement of livestock by the farmer from place to place in search of food and water is called.......
A) Ranching
B) Ley farming
C) Real farming
D) Normadic farming
  • 14. The chemicals used in control of weeds are called......
A) Weedicides
B) Pesticides
C) Herbicides
D) Insecticides
  • 15. Science and technology have contributed to agriculture in the production of all these except...
A) Pesticides
B) Machinery
C) Crude tools
D) Fertilizer
  • 16. A typical storage pest of crops is....
A) Aphid
B) Locust
C) Grasshopper
D) Weavil
  • 17. Problems facing subsistence farming include the following except......
A) Availability of loan
B) Crude farm tools are used
C) Pests and diseases are not controlled
D) Farmers are illiterates
  • 18. Mixed farming means
A) Mixing two types of soil before planting on it
B) Cultivation of crops and rearing of farm animals
C) Keeping of goat and chickens
D) Mixing two crops for planting
  • 19. Heavy attack of crops by pests may result in
A) High yield
B) Total crop failure
C) Increase in quality
D) Quick germination
  • 20. Non insect pests include all except
A) Goats
B) Sheeps
C) Weevils
D) Monkeys
  • 21. Keeping imported seeds, plant products, plants and animals ,soil etc in isolation and under observation for a period of time is called.....
A) Plant rotation
B) Observation method
C) Personal decision
D) Quarantine
  • 22. Weeding means
A) Using weeds as food
B) Planting more weeds
C) Mixing weeds with crops
D) Uprooting the weeds
  • 23. We use fertilizers to........... On the farmland
A) Poison the animals
B) Reduce fertility of the soil
C) Increase fertility of the soil
D) Destroy a particular plant on the farm
  • 24. Local tools include all except
A) Watering can
B) Tractor
C) Cutlass
D) Hoe
  • 25. ............ Is often referred to as assests
A) Land
B) Labour
C) Capital
D) Water
  • 26. The free gift of nature includes all except ........
A) Rainfall
B) Soil
C) Water
D) Capital
  • 27. ........... Can be bought or rent
A) Capital
B) Labour
C) Land
D) Enterprenuer
  • 28. ............ includes buildings, machines, roads, inputs and materials used
A) Capital
B) Mineral resources
C) Land
D) Labour
  • 29. ........ refers to living environment of an organism
A) River
B) School
C) Habitat
D) Abattoir
  • 30. Which of the following industries does not use agricultural raw materials?
A) textile industry
B) automobile industry
C) pharmaceutical industry
D) food processing industry
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