Sarah Plain and Tall
  • 1. Why did Sarah want to see the sheep?
A) She wanted to compare wool to seal skin.
B) She wanted to cut some wool.
C) She had never touched one.
  • 2. When might the wedding be?
A) Spring
B) Summer
C) Winter
  • 3. What did Sarah teach Anna to do while Papa plowed?
A) braid her hair
B) swim
C) sew
  • 4. Sarah cried when she found a dead lamb because
A) Sara was homesick
B) The mother had deserted her lamb.
C) The turkey buzzards were coming.
  • 5. What did Anna dream in the filed after swimming?
A) Sarah was happy.
B) The field was salty ocean waves.
C) Caleb was swimming.
  • 6. Did Old Bess or Jack make a better work horse?
A) Old Bess
B) Jack
C) Neither one
  • 7. What did Caleb do while waiting for Sara to come?
A) Rolled a marble back and forth
B) read a book
C) sand old songs
  • 8. When Papa read the letter, Caleb smiled and
A) asked if Sara sings
B) went to his room to think
C) asked if Sarah could cook.
  • 9. How had they prepared Sarah's room?
A) With a quilt and a blue flx rub.
B) WIth a quilt and dried flowers.
C) dried yellow flowers in a vase
  • 10. What did Anna think was the worst thing about Caleb?
A) Mama died the morning after he was born.
B) He asked too many questions.
C) He was homely.
  • 11. What was missing in Sarah's picture for William?
A) hail
B) the colors of the sea
C) flowers
  • 12. What did Papa bring for Sarah after the neighbors left?
A) first roses of summer
B) more flowers
C) the chickens
  • 13. When did Anna know the chickens were not for eating?
A) When Papa said they were to lay eggs
B) When Sarah asked what to name them
C) When Sarah said they were skinny
  • 14. For whom did Sarah buy the colored pencils?
A) Everyone
B) Sarah
C) Caleb and Anna
  • 15. What did Caleb do when Sarah returned from the wagon ride?
A) complain about waiting
B) burst into tears
C) ask what she had brought him
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