Bourbon monarchy restored with Louis XVIII
  • 1. When was the Bourbon monarchy restored with Louis XVIII?
A) 1830
B) 1814
C) 1871
D) 1789
  • 2. Louis XVIII was a member of which royal house?
A) Romanov
B) Habsburg
C) Windsor
D) Bourbon
  • 3. Louis XVIII's reign ended in which year?
A) 1848
B) 1824
C) 1815
D) 1830
  • 4. Louis XVIII enacted a charter that established what in France?
A) Constitutional Monarchy
B) Dictatorship
C) Absolute Monarchy
D) Republic
  • 5. From which country did Louis XVIII issue the Charter of 1814 while in exile?
A) Russia
B) Austria
C) Prussia
D) England
  • 6. Louis XVIII's reign experienced a brief interruption in 1815 when which historical figure returned to power?
A) Genghis Khan
B) George Washington
C) Cleopatra
D) Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 7. What title did Louis XVIII assume upon his restoration to the French throne?
A) Duke
B) President
C) King of France
D) Emperor
  • 8. Who succeeded Louis XVIII as the king of France?
A) Louis XVI
B) Charles X
C) Louis Philippe I
D) Napoleon III
  • 9. Louis XVIII's reign is associated with what period in French history?
A) Revolution
B) Restoration
C) Napoleonic Era
D) Empire
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