Find the verb
  • 1. Find all the verbs in the following sentences
A) I don't understand
B) I need to leave now.
C) okay
D) What is a verb?
  • 2. Sam ate all the food.
A) all
B) food
C) the
D) ate
  • 3. George is going to the fort.
A) going
B) is going
C) is
D) fort
  • 4. Patti likes eating vegetables.
A) likes
B) Patti
C) likes eating
D) eating
  • 5. Tomorrow, when it is sunny, are we going to beach?
A) are going
B) beach
C) sunny
D) going
  • 6. Panthers, who are big, eat a lot of food.
A) food
B) are eat
C) eat
D) panthers
  • 7. When the sky is clear, you can see airplanes.
A) see
B) can see
C) is can see
D) clear
  • 8. Whenever Jamie comes to my house, we play dominoes.
A) house
B) comes play
C) play
D) we
  • 9. Catherine likes eating bananas with the monkey.
A) bananas
B) with
C) likes eating
D) eating
  • 10. Holidays, New Year's Day for example, are fun because we have no school.
A) are fun
B) for example have
C) because fun
D) are have
  • 11. Mr. Adler wants us to earn all A's on our report cards.
A) no verb in the sentence
B) report cards
C) earn A's
D) wants to earn
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