• 1. The children won’t go to sleep ………… we leave a light on outside their bedroom
A) except
B) exepting
C) except
D) would exept
  • 2. I’ll give you my spare keys in case you ………… home before me.
A) d get
B) get
C) will get
D) getting
  • 3. I ______ to live in a hot country.
A) liked
B) will like
C) d like
D) liking
  • 4. we ______ going to Italy for our holidays.
A) will be
B) are
C) was
D) be
  • 5. I ______ go home early tonight.
A) can
B) could
C) couldn't
D) d can
  • 6. I _____ to see you again soon.
A) d like
B) liked
C) liking
D) like
  • 7. we _____ having a few days off soon.
A) willed
B) will
C) will not
D) would
  • 8. My bag is so heave. Give it to me ________ it for you.
A) I'm going to sleep
B) I'm going to carry
C) I'm going to catch
  • 9. I bought some warm boots because ________ skiimg.
A) I will
B) I'm going
C) I going
  • 10. Tony's back from holiday. Is he? ____________________him a ring.
A) I'll gone
B) gave
C) I'll give
  • 11. What are you doing tonight? ____________________ a play at the theatre.
A) we're going to sleep
B) we're going sleep
C) We're going to see
  • 12. You can tell me your secret. I _____ anyone.
A) tell
B) told
C) won't tell
  • 13. Congratulations! I hear _________ married.
A) you are going to get
B) are you
C) gone
  • 14. I need to post this letters. _________ shopping soon.
A) I'm going
B) going
C) I going
  • 15. ________ post them for you.
A) won't
B) I'll
C) I am will
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