Sea Turtle
  • 1. What is the average lifespan of a sea turtle?
A) 50-100 years
B) 10-20 years
C) 150-200 years
D) 20-30 years
  • 2. How many species of sea turtles exist in the world?
A) 5
B) 10
C) 3
D) 7
  • 3. What is the largest species of sea turtle?
A) Kemp's Ridley
B) Leatherback
C) Hawksbill
D) Green
  • 4. Where do sea turtles lay their eggs?
A) Underwater caves
B) Beaches
C) Forests
D) Deep ocean trenches
  • 5. What do sea turtles use to navigate across oceans?
A) Moonlight
B) Wind patterns
C) Earth's magnetic field
D) Sunlight
  • 6. What is the protective shell of a sea turtle called?
A) Carapace
B) Shell
C) Exoskeleton
D) Armor
  • 7. How do sea turtles breathe?
A) They absorb oxygen through skin
B) They don't need to breathe
C) They breathe air
D) They have gills
  • 8. What is the main reason sea turtles come ashore?
A) To find food
B) To bask in the sun
C) To escape predators
D) To lay eggs
  • 9. Where do sea turtles spend most of their time?
A) On mountain peaks
B) In the ocean
C) In underground burrows
D) In freshwater lakes
  • 10. What is the name for a group of sea turtles?
A) Pack
B) Bale
C) Herd
D) Pod
  • 11. What is the fluid sea turtles release to help regulate salt in their bodies?
A) Mucus
B) Sweat
C) Urine
D) Tears
  • 12. What do sea turtles use to breathe?
A) Fins
B) Skin
C) Gills
D) Lungs
  • 13. What is the purpose of a sea turtle's shell?
A) To Decorate
B) To Fly
C) Protection
D) As a Home
  • 14. What is the average size of a fully grown sea turtle?
A) 7-8 feet long
B) 1-2 feet long
C) 3-4 feet long
D) 5-6 feet long
  • 15. What can you do to help protect sea turtles?
A) Pollute the oceans
B) Build more hotels on beaches
C) Increase fishing activities
D) Reduce plastic waste
  • 16. Which species of sea turtle has a beak-like mouth for feeding on sponges?
A) Leatherback
B) Hawksbill
C) Loggerhead
D) Green Turtle
  • 17. What is the term used for the process of sea turtles laying eggs on the beach?
A) Swimming
B) Sunbathing
C) Migrating
D) Nesting
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