Test #9 Review Polynomials
  • 1. The radius of a cylinder is 5x+3in. The height is –x + 4in. What is the lateral surface area of the cylinder in terms of pi. (Lateral Surface Area is A=2πrh)
A) (10x2+34x+24)π
B) (-10X2-34x-24)π
C) (-10x2+34x+24)π
D) (-10x2+34x-24)π
  • 2. What is the area of a square with a side length of x2+3y?
A) x4+6x2y+9y
B) 2x2+6y
C) 4x2+12y
D) x2+3y
  • 3. Simplify. (7x3+2x+x-3)+(-x3+2x2-x+5)
A) 6x3+2x2+2x+2
B) 7x2+2x2+2x+2
C) 6X3+4x2+2
D) 6x3+2x2+2x+8
  • 4. Simplfy. (-9x2+x+10)+(5x2-13x+15)
A) -4x4-122+25
B) -14x4+12x+25
C) -14x2-12x+25
D) -4x2-12x+25
  • 5. Simplfy. (-5x2+3x+27)-(7x2-8x+55)
A) -12X2+11x-28
B) 12x2-11x+28
C) -2x2+11x-28
D) 2x2-5x+82
  • 6. Simplify (2b2+18b+150)-(6b2+21b+175)
A) -4b2+3b+325
B) -b4-3b-25
C) 4b2-3b-25
D) -4b2-3b-25
  • 7. Calculate the area of the triangle below: A=1/2 bh. Height = 3z2 and base = 4z2+7z
A) 12z4+21z2
B) 7z2+7z
C) 6z4+10.5z2
D) 3.5z2+3.5z
  • 8. Simplify. x2 (2x+7)
A) 2x2+7x2
B) 9x2
C) 2x3+7x2
D) 2x2+7
  • 9. Simplify. (5x2+8)(4x-2)
A) 20x3+22x2-16
B) 20x2-10x-16
C) 20x2-22x-16
D) 20x3-10x2+32x-16
  • 10. Simplify. - 4 z2 (3y+9zy)
A) 12yz2+36z3y
B) -12yz2-36yz3
C) -yz2+9zy
D) 12yz2-36z2y
  • 11. Simplify. ( 3p2-5r)(-p+6r)
A) -3p3+18p2r+5pr+30r2
B) Not here
C) -3p3+18p2r+5pr-30r2
D) -3p3+23p2r-30r2
  • 12. Simplify the following expression: 6a³/(6a ̄³)²
A) a12/6
B) a9/6
C) a9/2
D) a2/6
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