SP lesson 12 sentences for 7th grade
__1. annoyanceA. I could work in the following __: manager, cook, or cleaner.
__2. capacitiesB. The challenges of the job are not ___.
__3. deniableC. Here is a letter __ to my skill with hamburgers.
__4. destiniesD. It takes ___ to survive at Burger World.
__5. employmentE. I'm considering ___ at Burger World.
__6. hardinessF. As manager, I'd experience the ___ of power.
__7. injuriousG. My actions might change others' ___.
__8. lonelinessH. I wouldn't ___ work at the drive-through window.
__9. testifyingI. Imagine customers' ___ if I botched their orders.
__10. voluntarilyJ. What if customers did something ___, like throw food?
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