• 1. She can speak English very _
A) quick
B) good
C) well
D) clear
  • 2. My new car is _ than my old one
A) not fast
B) faster
C) fast
D) very fast
  • 3. How _ cheese is there in the fridge?
A) much
B) many
C) some
D) any
  • 4. Let´s a movie today
A) to watch
B) to watching
C) watch
D) watching
  • 5. I _ to Canada on vacation last year
A) went
B) going
C) was
D) go
  • 6. What Did Max _ on Saturday night?
A) did
B) does
C) to do
D) do
  • 7. Monica and Javier _ for the exam tomorrow
A) to study
B) is studying
C) study
D) are studying
  • 8. I´m going _ on Saturday morning
A) to shopping
B) shop
C) shopping
D) not shopping
  • 9. I _ to work when I saw the accident happen
A) walked
B) was walking
C) walking
D) to walk
  • 10. My laptop is as not as _ yours
A) too expensive
B) expensive
C) more expensive
D) expensive as
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