• 1. You ____ to talk in the library.
A) must
B) are allowed
C) aren't allowed
D) mustn't
  • 2. Students ___ to bring their calculators for tomorrow's exam.
A) must
B) were able to
C) can
D) ought
  • 3. You ___ follow the rules of the school.
A) mustn't
B) must
C) can
D) can't
  • 4. You ___ smoke in hospitals.
A) couldn't
B) aren't allowed
C) mustn't
D) don't have to
  • 5. She ___ buy any food, there's enough for the party
A) aren't allowed to
B) doesn't have to
C) mustn't
D) don't have to
  • 6. At my school, we ___ wear any clothes we like.
A) must
B) can to
C) is allowed to
D) are allowed to
  • 7. My mother said I ___ go to the party yesterday because it was too late.
A) can't
B) 'm not allowed
C) weren't allowed
D) couldn't
  • 8. You ___ to be back home at 10.00 oclock or you'll be in trouble.
A) can
B) are allowed
C) must
D) have
  • 9. ___ do homework everyday at this school?
A) Must we
B) Do we have to
C) Are we allowed to
D) Can we
  • 10. ___ to use this road?
A) Are bicycles allowed
B) Is bicycles allowed
C) Do bicycles allowed
D) Can bicycles allowed
  • 11. Kanye West ___ sing at yesterday's concert as he had a problem with his voice.
A) mustn't
B) wasn't able to
C) can't
D) hadn't to
  • 12. ___ she ___ study last night?
A) Has __ to
B) Did __ has to
C) Did __ have to
D) Had __ to
  • 13. You ____ spend so much money on those trainers.
A) shouldn't
B) isn't allowed to
C) oughtn't
D) haven't to
  • 14. Beethoven was a wonderful musician although he ___ hear.
A) wasn't able to
B) didn't can
C) couldn't
D) didn't have to
  • 15. Tomorrow is a holiday, I ___ get up early.
A) don't have to
B) should
C) haven't to
D) mustn't
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