• 1. Andrea can _________ soccer very well.
A) playing
B) to playing
C) plays
D) to play
E) play
  • 2. Ana _______________ English.
A) can't to speak
B) canot speak
C) can't speak
D) can to speak
E) canĀ“t speaking
  • 3. Peter _______________ very fast.
A) swim can't
B) can swim
C) can to swim
D) can't swiming
E) swim can
  • 4. Andrew_____________ in a marathon.
A) can't to run
B) runing
C) can run
D) can to run
E) run can
  • 5. John and Julia ________________ very good.
A) dance
B) can dance
C) can to dance
D) dance can
E) can't dancing
  • 6. Can you sing?
A) Yes, I sing.
B) No, I can.
C) No, I sing.
D) Yes, I can.
  • 7. Can you help me?
A) No, I can.
B) Yes, I can.
C) Yes, you can.
D) No, you can't
  • 8. Can you drive?
A) Yes, I do.
B) No, I don't
C) Yes, I can.
D) No, I can.
  • 9. Can your parents paint pictures?
A) Yes, they can't
B) No, they can.
C) Yes, she can.
D) No, they can't
  • 10. Can Ana Guevara run very fast?
A) Yes, she can.
B) No, she can.
C) No, he can't.
D) Yes he can.
  • 11. She ___________________ in a concert.
A) can bake
B) can play
C) can sing
D) can study
  • 12. He ____________________ the piano.
A) can to play
B) can play
C) can't sing
D) can touch
  • 13. He ____________________ soccer very well.
A) can't swim
B) can go
C) can't sing
D) can play
  • 14. Cesar ____________________ fast.
A) can't swim
B) can swim
C) can to swim
D) can swiming
  • 15. She can ________________________.
A) singing
B) sing
C) can to sing
D) can sing
  • 16. She has _____________________ eyes.
A) curly big brown
B) brown curly
C) big curly brown
D) big brown
  • 17. My Brother ______________________ hair.
A) has
B) has straight curly
C) has curly
D) curly
  • 18. Emma has _______________________ eyes.
A) has small blue
B) small big
C) small blue
D) has blue
  • 19. Alex has _______________________ hair.
A) small
B) thin
C) big
D) long
  • 20. Jessie has _____________________eyes.
A) big green
B) green big
C) green small
D) green long
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