Charlotte's Web 1-3
  • 1. Who wrote Charlotte's Web?
A) Wilber E.B.
B) Raymond Web
C) Elmer White
D) E.B. White
  • 2. Which is NOT a way that Fern treated Wilbur?
A) put a leash on him
B) put him in a baby carriage
C) feed him from a bottle
D) stroked him
  • 3. What does demanded mean?
A) handed out
B) found something
C) asked and wanted to know
D) told someone
  • 4. Why was Mr. Arable going to kill Wilbur?
A) He was going to eat him.
B) Wilbur was bothering the other pigs.
C) He was probably going to die anyway.
D) He thought that Wilber had a disease.
  • 5. What is Fern's brother's name?
A) Avery
B) Adam
C) Styles
D) Homer
  • 6. Mr. Arable brought Wilbur inside the house in a __________.
A) dirty towel
B) carton
C) bag
D) box
  • 7. Fern named him Wilbur while walking to school.
A) False
B) True
  • 8. Fern was worried that Wilbur would get cold at night outside, but Wilbur burried himself in the _____________.
A) clothes
B) dirt
C) straw
D) leaves
  • 9. Fern's brother was carrying what two things to breakfast?
A) knife and slingshot
B) gun and wooden dagger
C) knife and hitting stick
D) gun and sword
  • 10. Fern sold Wilbur to her Uncle Homer for six dollars.
A) False
B) True
  • 11. Why did the Arables want to sell Wilbur?
A) His appetite had increased and he was beginning to eat scraps of food.
B) Mr. Arable wanted to teach Fern a lesson about giving up something that you love.
C) They were tired of having to clean up Wilbur's mess.
D) Wilbur was starting to smell really bad. He also took up too much room.
  • 12. Wilbur went to live in a manure pile in a field.
A) True
B) False
  • 13. Who told Wilbur how to get out of the pen?
A) horse
B) rat
C) goose
D) spider
  • 14. Manure is good for plants.
A) False
B) True
  • 15. What does discarded mean?
A) Something that is thrown away and isn't going to be used.
B) Something that is painted the wrong color.
C) Something that is destroyed and not worth anything.
D) Something that is too old to actually be used.
  • 16. Whom did Fern sell Wilbur to?
A) To her aunt Charlotte
B) Her grandpa
C) Her Uncle Homer
D) Her cousin Lurvy
  • 17. How did they lure Wilbur back into the pen?
A) They chased and caught him.
B) They cornered him and tied a rope around him to drag him back.
C) They used a bucket of slops.
D) They threatened to hit him with a belt.
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