Forces Review (From Textbook)
  • 1. Friction is present whenever surfaces _________
A) break open
B) look like simple machines
C) touch
D) are smooth
  • 2. Objects weigh more on Earth than they do the _________
A) ocean
B) sun
C) Milky Way
D) moon
  • 3. The force on a magnet is called __________________
A) magneto
B) supernatural force
C) magnetic force
D) kryptonite
  • 4. Forces that act on an object but cancel each other out are called ___________
A) air forces
B) balanced forces
C) unbalanced forces
D) force fields
  • 5. Ships made of steel are still able to float
A) True
B) false
  • 6. Levers have _________ parts
A) four
B) three
C) one
D) two
  • 7. An inclined plane allows you to use ___________ force over a distance to make work easier
A) more
B) less
C) 2 times as much
D) No
  • 8. Which simple machine does a flagpole make use of?
A) screw
B) lever
C) inclined plane
D) pulley
  • 9. Which simple machine makes up a pencil sharpener? (the one mounted on the wall)
A) lawn tractor
B) pulley
C) wheel and axle
D) inclined plane
  • 10. Machines reduce the amount of work needed to do a job
A) False
B) True
  • 11. A knife and chisel are both ____________
A) screws
B) pulleys
C) wedges
D) inclined planes
  • 12. What causes a ship to float in water?
A) buoyant force
B) Aquaman
C) magnetic force
D) fish
  • 13. Which simple machine is part of a screw?
A) pulley
B) fulcrum
C) wheel and axle
D) inclined plane
  • 14. Work uses force to move an object through a _________
A) magnetic field
B) wall
C) distance
D) pulley
  • 15. A ____________ is an example of a simple machine called an inclined plane
A) pencil sharpener
B) flagpole
C) car
D) ramp
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