Basic Science Assignment for Year 8
  • 1. Abstinence can be for personal reasons
A) Impossible
B) True
C) No idea
D) False
  • 2. _ abstinence covers several family planning methods
A) Lifelong
B) Parental
C) Delayed
D) Periodic
  • 3. View abstinence as a positive _
A) Work
B) Thing
C) Choice
  • 4. One of the following is a type of habitat
A) Railway
B) Airport
C) Terrestrial
D) Road
  • 5. The word ‘aqua ‘ is a _ word
A) Spanish
B) Nigerian
C) Latin
D) Greek
  • 6. ‘Aqua’ means
A) Water
B) Surrounding
C) Soil
D) Land
  • 7. Organisms that can use both water and terrestrial systems as their habitat are called _
A) Aquatic
B) Amphibious
C) Arboreal
D) Terrestrial
  • 8. ‘Arbor’ means
A) Soil
B) Trees
C) Air
D) Land
  • 9. Any special features that helps an organism to live and survive in a particular habitat is called
A) Adaptation
B) Asap
C) Adapt
D) Adaptive features
  • 10. Aquatic animals have a _ body which helps them to swim fast in water
A) Wide
B) Streamlined
C) Smooth
D) Open
  • 11. _ is a kind of relationship where one member benefits from the relationship without hurting the other member
A) Mutualism
B) Predation
C) Commensalism
D) Parasitism
  • 12. What kind of relationship exist between flowers and honeybees?
A) Competition
B) Commensalism
C) Mutualism
D) Parasitism
  • 13. _ is defined as the ability to do work
A) Power
B) Energy
C) Force
D) Acceleration
  • 14. A magnet at a resting place possess magnetic _ energy
A) Potential
B) Kinetic
C) Mechanical
D) Electrical
  • 15. The unit of heat is _
A) Meter per second
B) Centimeter
C) Kilometer
D) Joules
  • 16. The combination of of atoms of the same element produces molecules of _
A) Molecules
B) An atom
C) A compound
D) An element
  • 17. Calculate the mass number of an element X which has an atomic number of 6 and number of neutrons 6
A) 36
B) 12
C) 24
D) 13
  • 18. In all chemical reactions, existing bonds in the reaction particles must be _ first
A) Beautiful
B) Broken
C) Fixed
D) Tied
  • 19. In simple chemical reactions, radicals remain unchanged during reactions
A) True
B) False
C) No idea
D) Impossible
  • 20. What is the measure of how hot or cold a body is?
A) Heat
B) Hotness
C) Temperature
D) Coldness
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