James A. Garfield
  • 1. Which state was James A. Garfield born in?
A) New York
B) Illinois
C) Virginia
D) Ohio
  • 2. What political party did James A. Garfield belong to?
A) Democratic
B) Independent
C) Republican
D) Whig
  • 3. When was James A. Garfield inaugurated as the 20th President of the United States?
A) July 4, 1881
B) March 4, 1881
C) September 12, 1881
D) January 20, 1881
  • 4. Which famous inventor attempted to develop a metal detector to locate the bullet lodged in Garfield's body after he was shot?
A) Thomas Edison
B) Nikola Tesla
C) Benjamin Franklin
D) Alexander Graham Bell
  • 5. Where was James A. Garfield assassinated?
A) Washington, D.C.
B) New York City
C) Los Angeles
D) Chicago
  • 6. What year was James A. Garfield born?
A) 1845
B) 1856
C) 1820
D) 1831
  • 7. Which war did Garfield serve in as a major general?
A) American Civil War
B) Revolutionary War
C) World War I
D) Vietnam War
  • 8. Who was James A. Garfield's Vice President at the start of his presidency?
A) Andrew Johnson
B) Ulysses S. Grant
C) Chester A. Arthur
D) Rutherford B. Hayes
  • 9. Where is James A. Garfield buried?
A) Mount Vernon, Virginia
B) Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
C) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
D) Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 10. What was the name of the assassin who shot James A. Garfield?
A) Lee Harvey Oswald
B) John Wilkes Booth
C) Gavrilo Princip
D) Charles J. Guiteau
  • 11. Who was James A. Garfield's wife?
A) Abigail Garfield
B) Eleanor Garfield
C) Lucretia Garfield
D) Martha Garfield
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