Mythology and Folklore
  • 1. Mythology and folklore are integral aspects of human culture, passed down through generations to explain the mysteries of the world and teach valuable lessons. Mythology encompasses the stories of gods, heroes, and supernatural beings that form the foundation of ancient religions and belief systems. Folklore includes traditional tales, songs, and customs of a particular community, reflecting their beliefs, traditions, and values. Both mythology and folklore serve as windows into the collective imagination of societies, offering insights into their history, fears, hopes, and aspirations. Through these rich narratives, we explore the complex relationship between humans and the divine, the natural world, and the unknown, unlocking a treasure trove of wisdom and creativity that continues to captivate and inspire us today.

    Who is the king of the gods in Greek mythology?
A) Poseidon
B) Hades
C) Apollo
D) Zeus
  • 2. Which creature is part lion, part goat, and part serpent in Greek mythology?
A) Cerberus
B) Chimera
C) Pegasus
D) Hydra
  • 3. In Norse mythology, who is the god of thunder?
A) Freyja
B) Thor
C) Odin
D) Loki
  • 4. Who is the trickster figure in Native American folklore?
A) Thunderbird
B) Raven
C) Coyote
D) Spider Woman
  • 5. What famous sword does King Arthur pull from the stone?
A) Gram
B) Excalibur
C) Caliburn
D) Durandal
  • 6. Who is the ruler of the underworld in Roman mythology?
A) Mars
B) Neptune
C) Jupiter
D) Pluto
  • 7. Which mythical creature is said to be half man and half bull?
A) Minotaur
B) Harpy
C) Cerberus
D) Cyclops
  • 8. Who is the main character in Homer's epic poem, 'The Odyssey'?
A) Hector
B) Achilles
C) Odysseus
D) Paris
  • 9. Which mythological bird rises from its ashes?
A) Phoenix
B) Thunderbird
C) Simurgh
D) Garuda
  • 10. In Norse mythology, who is the god of mischief?
A) Thor
B) Baldur
C) Freyr
D) Loki
  • 11. What is the name of the three-headed dog that guards the underworld in Greek mythology?
A) Chimera
B) Orthrus
C) Hydra
D) Cerberus
  • 12. Who is the ruler of Asgard in Norse mythology?
A) Frigg
B) Thor
C) Odin
D) Loki
  • 13. Which legendary hero did the Trojan War revolve around?
A) Hector
B) Paris
C) Achilles
D) Agamemnon
  • 14. In Hindu mythology, who is the god of destruction?
A) Brahma
B) Vishnu
C) Indra
D) Shiva
  • 15. Which mythical creature is a horse with a spiraled horn on its forehead?
A) Pegasus
B) Centaur
C) Griffin
D) Unicorn
  • 16. Who is the most famous sorceress in Arthurian legend?
A) Nimue
B) Morgause
C) Guinevere
D) Morgan le Fay
  • 17. Which Celtic mythical creature is a water-dwelling being that can transform into a horse?
A) Kelpie
B) Pooka
C) Selkie
D) Banshee
  • 18. Which legendary creature is said to be able to turn people into stone with its gaze?
A) Sphinx
B) Cyclops
C) Minotaur
D) Medusa
  • 19. In Egyptian mythology, who is the god of the afterlife and the dead?
A) Anubis
B) Ra
C) Horus
D) Osiris
  • 20. Which mythological character is famous for his journey to the underworld to rescue his wife?
A) Achilles
B) Orpheus
C) Perseus
D) Odysseus
  • 21. Who is the god of the sea in Roman mythology?
A) Mercury
B) Mars
C) Neptune
D) Pluto
  • 22. Which legendary figure is known for pulling a sword from a stone, proving his rightful claim to the throne?
A) Lancelot
B) King Arthur
C) Gawain
D) Merlin
  • 23. In Aztec mythology, who is the feathered serpent god associated with wind and learning?
A) Quetzalcoatl
B) Xipe Totec
C) Huitzilopochtli
D) Tezcatlipoca
  • 24. Who is the god of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology?
A) Ra
B) Anubis
C) Osiris
D) Horus
  • 25. Who is the god of fire and metalworking in Roman mythology?
A) Vulcan
B) Neptune
C) Jupiter
D) Mars
  • 26. Which mythological figure is known for leading a group of merry men in Sherwood Forest and robbing the rich to give to the poor?
A) Lancelot
B) King Arthur
C) Merlin
D) Robin Hood
  • 27. Which female figure from Irish mythology is associated with tragic love and death?
A) Aine
B) Brigid
C) Maeve
D) Deirdre
  • 28. What is the name of the Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter?
A) Imbolc
B) Samhain
C) Beltane
D) Lughnasadh
  • 29. Which mythical creature is said to lure sailors to their deaths with enchanting music and voices?
A) Hydra
B) Mermaid
C) Kraken
D) Siren
  • 30. Who is the Aztec god of rain and agriculture known as the 'Provider'?
A) Tlaloc
B) Huitzilopochtli
C) Xochiquetzal
D) Quetzalcoatl
  • 31. Who is the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare?
A) Athena
B) Hera
C) Aphrodite
D) Artemis
  • 32. Who is the Greek god of the sea?
A) Hades
B) Poseidon
C) Ares
D) Zeus
  • 33. In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine and revelry?
A) Hephaestus
B) Athena
C) Apollo
D) Dionysus
  • 34. Who is the ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology?
A) Ares
B) Hades
C) Zeus
D) Poseidon
  • 35. What is the name of the king with the golden touch in Greek mythology?
A) Midas
B) Heracles
C) Perseus
D) Jason
  • 36. In Norse mythology, what is the name of the end-of-the-world event?
A) Fimbulwinter
B) Ragnarok
C) Yggdrasil
D) Valhalla
  • 37. Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus?
A) Mars
B) Pluto
C) Neptune
D) Jupiter
  • 38. Which creature is often depicted as a half-man, half-horse in mythology?
A) Fairy
B) Satyr
C) Sphinx
D) Centaur
  • 39. Who is the Irish goddess of war, death, and sovereignty?
A) Cerridwen
B) Morrigan
C) Brigid
D) Danu
  • 40. In Slavic folklore, what kind of creature is a rusalka?
A) Dragon
B) Water spirit
C) Goblin
D) Werewolf
  • 41. Who is the Celtic god associated with youth, love, and beauty?
A) Cernunnos
B) Dagda
C) Lugh
D) Aengus
  • 42. Which creature is known for guarding treasure in Irish mythology?
A) Leprechaun
B) Dragon
C) Werewolf
D) Banshee
  • 43. In Chinese mythology, who is the monkey king with incredible strength?
A) Zhong Kui
B) Yu the Great
C) Sun Wukong
D) Nuwa
  • 44. Which of these is a famous sea monster in Scandinavian folklore?
A) Manticore
B) Basilisk
C) Cerberus
D) Kraken
  • 45. Which figure is known for his role in Greek mythology as the ferryman of the dead?
A) Charon
B) Thanatos
C) Hades
D) Cronus
  • 46. Which creature from Egyptian mythology has the body of a lion and the head of a human?
A) Sphinx
B) Phoenix
C) Minotaur
D) Cerberus
  • 47. Which bird is associated with wisdom and is often used as a symbol in various mythologies?
A) Phoenix
B) Raven
C) Eagle
D) Owl
  • 48. Which legendary being is said to grant three wishes to the one who wakes it from a deep slumber?
A) Genie
B) Siren
C) Fairy
D) Dwarf
  • 49. What is the name of King Arthur's wizard advisor in Arthurian legend?
A) Gandalf
B) Morgana
C) Nimue
D) Merlin
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