Literary Terms 1
__1. AlliterationA. direct comparison between two unlike things
__2. Dramatic IronyB. an implied comparison between two relatively unlike things
__3. HyperboleC. The contrast between what is said and what is actually meant
__4. MetaphorD. Occurs when the reader knows more than the characters know.
__5. OnomatopoeiaE. Repeated consonant sounds occurring at the beginning of word
__6. PersonificationF. An exaggerated statement used to heighten effect
__7. SimileG. gives the qualities of a person to an animal or object
__8. Verbal IronyH. The use of words that mimic sounds.
__9. 3rd Person Limited NarratorA. an all-knowing outsider who can enter the minds all
__10. 3rd Person Objective NarratorB. A character who provides a contrast to the protagonist
__11. AntagonistC. an outsider who can report only what is seen or heard
__12. First Person NarratorD. a character who can reveal personal observations
__13. FoilE. an outsider who sees into the mind of 1 of the charact
__14. Omniscient NarratorF. The main character in the story
__15. ProtagonistG. The character or force that opposes the protagonist
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