Moors (Muslims) invade Spain
  • 1. What was the capital of the Moorish Kingdom in Spain?
A) Seville
B) Granada
C) Barcelona
D) Cordoba
  • 2. What architectural wonder in Spain was built during Moorish rule?
A) Alhambra
B) Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
C) Prado Museum
D) Sagrada Familia
  • 3. What significant system did the Moors introduce to Spain?
A) Printing press
B) Irrigation systems
C) Parliamentary democracy
D) Feudalism
  • 4. What event marked the end of Moorish rule in Spain?
A) French Revolution
B) Reconquista
C) Crusades
D) Black Death
  • 5. Which famous figure was involved in the Reconquista?
A) King Arthur
B) Alexander the Great
C) Julius Caesar
D) El Cid
  • 6. What impact did the Moors have on Spanish language and culture?
A) Influenced Norse mythology
B) Introduced Arabic words and influenced architecture
C) Introduced Viking language
D) Introduced Chinese writing
  • 7. Which region in Spain became the last Moorish stronghold?
A) Valencia
B) Granada
C) Madrid
D) Seville
  • 8. What was the famous books collection located in Cordoba during Moorish rule?
A) Library of Congress
B) British Library
C) Bodleian Library
D) House of Wisdom
  • 9. What were the Moors known for in terms of artwork?
A) Abstract sculptures
B) Realistic oil paintings
C) Intricate geometric patterns and calligraphy
D) Landscape watercolors
  • 10. Which famous explorer had contacts with the Moors?
A) Vasco da Gama
B) Magellan
C) Christopher Columbus
D) Marco Polo
  • 11. What was the language spoken by the Moors?
A) Latin
B) Arabic
C) Greek
D) Celtic
  • 12. What was the unique system of government implemented by the Moors in Spain?
A) Monarchy
B) Communism
C) Caliphate
D) Republic
  • 13. When did the Moorish invasion of Spain occur?
A) 711 AD
B) 1066 AD
C) 350 BC
D) 1492 AD
  • 14. Which North African group led the Moorish invasion of Spain?
A) Saracens
B) Berbers
C) Egyptians
D) Arabs
  • 15. Who was the first Moorish leader to invade Spain?
A) Suleiman the Magnificent
B) Al-Hakam II
C) Tariq ibn Ziyad
D) Saladin
  • 16. What is the name of the last Moorish king of Granada who surrendered to the Catholic Monarchs?
A) Boabdil
B) Abd al-Rahman III
C) Yusuf ibn Tashfin
D) Ibn al-Khatib
  • 17. Which prominent Muslim scholar played a key role in translating Greek works into Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age in Spain?
A) Al-Khwarizmi
B) Averroes
C) Ibn Khaldun
D) Ibn Rushd
  • 18. Which famous Spanish writer wrote a novel featuring a character named Ishmael who recounts the Moorish conquest of Spain?
A) Garcia Lorca
B) Antonio de Nebrija
C) Miguel de Cervantes
D) Federico de OnĂ­s
  • 19. In what year did the fall of Granada mark the end of Moorish rule in Spain?
A) 1212
B) 1492
C) 711
D) 1588
  • 20. After the fall of Granada, where did many Muslims who refused to convert to Christianity migrate to?
A) Turkey
B) India
C) North Africa
D) Persia
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