Cromwell's head
  • 1. When was Oliver Cromwell's head publicly displayed?
A) 1700
B) 1661
C) 1800
D) 1560
  • 2. Who was Oliver Cromwell's notorious advisor and spymaster?
A) Francis Walsingham
B) Robert Devereux
C) John Thurloe
D) William Laud
  • 3. When did Oliver Cromwell die?
A) 1658
B) 1675
C) 1649
D) 1666
  • 4. Oliver Cromwell was a key figure in which historical event?
A) French Revolution
B) American War of Independence
C) World War II
D) English Civil War
  • 5. In which city was Oliver Cromwell born?
A) London
B) Huntingdon
C) Bristol
D) Oxford
  • 6. What was the official cause of Oliver Cromwell's death?
A) Assassination
B) Malaria
C) Drowning
D) Pneumonia
  • 7. What did Oliver Cromwell famously say to the portrait painter Peter Lely about his likeness?
A) Make me look divine and powerful.
B) Hide my imperfections.
C) Present me as a god-like figure.
D) Paint me as I am, warts and all.
  • 8. Before becoming Lord Protector, what was Oliver Cromwell's occupation?
A) Lawyer
B) Soldier
C) Farmer
D) Merchant
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