Paramaribo - Capital City of Suriname
  • 1. Paramaribo is the capital and largest city of Suriname, located on the banks of the Suriname River in the northern part of the country. The city is known for its unique blend of Dutch colonial architecture and vibrant Caribbean culture. Paramaribo's historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring well-preserved buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The city is also a melting pot of diverse ethnicities, with influences from Indigenous, African, Indian, Javanese, Chinese, and European cultures. Paramaribo is a bustling hub of activity, with bustling markets, lively street vendors, and a vibrant nightlife scene. The city is also surrounded by lush tropical rainforests, offering opportunities for eco-tourism and outdoor adventures. With its rich history, cultural diversity, and natural beauty, Paramaribo is a fascinating and vibrant capital city that showcases the unique charm of Suriname.

    What is the capital city of Suriname?
A) Bogota
B) Sucre
C) Paramaribo
D) Georgetown
  • 2. In which continent is Paramaribo located?
A) South America
B) Europe
C) Asia
D) Africa
  • 3. What is the official language spoken in Paramaribo?
A) Spanish
B) French
C) English
D) Dutch
  • 4. Which river runs alongside Paramaribo?
A) Suriname River
B) Amazon River
C) Congo River
D) Nile River
  • 5. Paramaribo is known for its historic inner city. What is it called?
A) Heritage Quarter
B) Historic Inner City of Paramaribo
C) Old Town Paramaribo
D) Colonial District
  • 6. Paramaribo was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which year?
A) 1985
B) 1990
C) 2010
D) 2002
  • 7. Which famous market in Paramaribo is known for its fresh produce and local crafts?
A) Fish Market
B) Night Market
C) Flea Market
D) Central Market
  • 8. Which fort in Paramaribo was built in the 17th century to protect against invasions?
A) Fort Amsterdam
B) Fort Orange
C) Fort Kyoto
D) Fort Zeelandia
  • 9. What is the main religion practiced in Paramaribo?
A) Christianity
B) Buddhism
C) Islam
D) Hinduism
  • 10. Paramaribo is a diverse city with a mix of cultures. Which indigenous group is prominent in the city?
A) Maroons
B) Warraus
C) Arawaks
D) Caribs
  • 11. What is the largest public park in Paramaribo known for its diverse plant species?
A) Commewijne Park
B) Coppename Park
C) Palmentuin
D) Fort Nieuw Amsterdam Park
  • 12. Which famous Surinamese writer wrote the novel 'The Cost of Sugar' set in Paramaribo?
A) Clark Accord
B) Astrid Roemer
C) Edgar Cairo
D) Cynthia McLeod
  • 13. What is the currency used in Paramaribo?
A) US Dollar
B) British Pound
C) Euro
D) Surinamese Dollar
  • 14. Paramaribo is located near the coast. Which ocean borders Suriname?
A) Arctic Ocean
B) Pacific Ocean
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) Indian Ocean
  • 15. What is the name of the square in Paramaribo that is a popular meeting place for locals?
A) Independence Square
B) Freedom Square
C) Unity Square
D) Victory Square
  • 16. Paramaribo is the home of the largest wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere. What is it called?
A) Fietsenbrug Bridge
B) Central Post Office Building
C) St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
D) Independence Square Mosque
  • 17. Which ethnic group is the largest in Paramaribo?
A) Hindustani
B) Javanese
C) Maroon
D) Creole
  • 18. Which sea is closest to Paramaribo?
A) Caribbean Sea
B) Mediterranean Sea
C) Tasman Sea
D) Coral Sea
  • 19. Which European country colonized Suriname including Paramaribo?
A) Spain
B) France
C) United Kingdom
D) Netherlands
  • 20. In which year did Suriname gain independence from the Netherlands, which affected Paramaribo?
A) 1980
B) 1975
C) 1990
D) 1963
  • 21. What is the name of the iconic mosque in Paramaribo that is a prominent architectural landmark in the city?
A) Keizerstraat Mosque
B) St. Petrus Donders Mosque
C) Neveh Shalom Mosque
D) Central Mosque
  • 22. Paramaribo is a melting pot of cultures. Which group heavily influenced its cuisine?
A) Javanese
B) Chinese
C) Maroons
D) Native Americans
  • 23. Which famous Surinamese musical genre originated in Paramaribo in the late 19th century?
A) Calypso
B) Mento
C) Kaseko
D) Zouk
  • 24. Paramaribo is known for its diverse cuisine. Which dish is a traditional Surinamese food?
A) Pizza
B) Tacos
C) Sushi
D) Roti
  • 25. Which religious festival is widely celebrated in Paramaribo?
A) Christmas
B) Diwali
C) Halloween
D) Easter
  • 26. What is the average temperature in Paramaribo throughout the year?
A) Varies from -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
B) Below 0°C (32°F)
C) Around 40°C (104°F)
D) Around 27°C (81°F)
  • 27. Which sport is immensely popular in Paramaribo and the whole of Suriname?
A) Basketball
B) Baseball
C) Ice Hockey
D) Football (Soccer)
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