The Swiss flag
  • 1. The flag of Switzerland consists of a red field with a white cross in the center. The design is a square cross in a perfect ratio of 1:1, with each arm of the cross equal in width to the body of the cross. The color red symbolizes valor and strength, while the color white represents honesty and peace. The Swiss flag is one of the most iconic and recognizable flags in the world, known for its simplicity and striking contrast. It has a long history dating back to its adoption in the 19th century and is proudly displayed throughout the country as a symbol of Swiss identity and unity.

    What is the shape of the Swiss flag?
A) Circle
B) Square
C) Rectangle
D) Triangle
  • 2. What color is the background of the Swiss flag?
A) Red
B) Yellow
C) White
D) Blue
  • 3. What symbol is featured in the center of the Swiss flag?
A) A white cross
B) A red cross
C) A yellow cross
D) A blue cross
  • 4. When was the current design of the Swiss flag officially adopted?
A) 1776
B) 1889
C) 1923
D) 1901
  • 5. What is the official name of the Swiss flag in German?
A) Schweizerfahne
B) Schweizerkreuz
C) Swissflagge
D) Rotweisskreuz
  • 6. Which Swiss city is known for its role as a financial hub and international diplomacy, and is also home to many international organizations?
A) Basel
B) Geneva
C) Zurich
D) Bern
  • 7. What political system is Switzerland known for?
A) Federal republic
B) Military dictatorship
C) Direct democracy
D) Constitutional monarchy
  • 8. Which Swiss city is known for its annual International Film Festival?
A) Locarno
B) Lausanne
C) Lugano
D) Montreux
  • 9. Which mountain is considered the most famous symbol of Switzerland?
A) Mont Blanc
B) Eiger
C) Matterhorn
D) Jungfrau
  • 10. Which famous Swiss artist is known for his abstract geometric paintings?
A) Alberto Giacometti
B) Paul Klee
C) Sophie Taeuber-Arp
D) Ferdinand Hodler
  • 11. What is the capital city of Switzerland?
A) Bern
B) Geneva
C) Lucerne
D) Zurich
  • 12. Which Swiss chocolate brand is known for its distinctive triangular packaging?
A) Toblerone
B) Cailler
C) Lindt
D) Nestlé
  • 13. What is the official currency of Switzerland?
A) Euro
B) US Dollar
C) Swiss Franc
D) Pound Sterling
  • 14. Which Swiss scientist is known for his theory of general relativity?
A) Louis de Broglie
B) Erwin Schrödinger
C) Niels Bohr
D) Albert Einstein
  • 15. Which country inspired the design of the Swiss flag?
A) Denmark
B) Norway
C) Finland
D) Sweden
  • 16. How many official languages does Switzerland have?
A) Five
B) Three
C) Four
D) Two
  • 17. What is the national day of Switzerland?
A) January 1
B) July 4
C) August 1
D) October 31
  • 18. The Swiss flag is known for its simplicity and what other design principle?
A) Randomness
B) Complexity
C) Minimalism
D) Symmetry
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