• 1. What is the capital city of Japan?
A) Osaka
B) Kyoto
C) Tokyo
D) Hiroshima
  • 2. Which of the following is a traditional Japanese garment?
A) Sari
B) Hanbok
C) Kimono
D) Qipao
  • 3. Mount Fuji is a famous symbol of Japan. What type of geographical feature is Mount Fuji?
A) Volcano
B) Mountain range
C) Canyon
D) Plateau
  • 4. What is the name of the Japanese traditional tea ceremony?
A) Sado
B) Chado
C) Kodo
D) Chanoyu
  • 5. Which Japanese dish consists of vinegared rice and raw fish?
A) Ramen
B) Tempura
C) Sushi
D) Udon
  • 6. Which ancient Japanese art form involves pruning and shaping trees to mimic nature?
A) Ukiyo-e
B) Origami
C) Ikebana
D) Bonsai
  • 7. What is the traditional Japanese footwear that resembles sandals made from straw or other plant fibers?
A) Zori
B) Tabi
C) Waraji
D) Geta
  • 8. What is the most popular sport in Japan?
A) Soccer
B) Sumo
C) Judo
D) Baseball
  • 9. Which Japanese city is known for its hot springs and geisha district?
A) Nara
B) Kyoto
C) Hakone
D) Nagasaki
  • 10. What is the Japanese traditional theatrical art form that combines drama, music, and dance?
A) Noh
B) Kabuki
C) Bunraku
D) Kyogen
  • 11. What is the name of the bullet train system in Japan known for its speed and punctuality?
A) Nozomi
B) Hikari
C) Keisei Skyliner
D) Shinkansen
  • 12. Who is the founder of the famous video game company Nintendo?
A) Satoru Iwata
B) Shigeru Miyamoto
C) Fusajiro Yamauchi
D) Hiroshi Yamauchi
  • 13. In Japanese culture, what is the traditional female entertainer skilled in various arts called?
A) Ronin
B) Geisha
C) Ninja
D) Samurai
  • 14. What is the Japanese word for the martial art of empty-handed combat?
A) Karate
B) Judo
C) Kendo
D) Aikido
  • 15. What is the official currency of Japan?
A) Euro
B) Dollar
C) Yen
D) Won
  • 16. What is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding called?
A) Chiyogami
B) Ukiyo-e
C) Kirigami
D) Origami
  • 17. Which Japanese festival features cherry blossom viewing parties and picnics?
A) Tanabata
B) Hanami
C) Obon
D) Gion Matsuri
  • 18. What traditional Japanese musical instrument is shaped like a three-stringed guitar?
A) Taiko
B) Biwa
C) Shamisen
D) Koto
  • 19. What is the Japanese art of flower arranging?
A) Chado
B) Sumi-e
C) Ikebana
D) Bonsai
  • 20. Which Japanese city is famous for its open-air hot springs and snow monkeys?
A) Kumamoto
B) Kobe
C) Nagano
D) Kanazawa
  • 21. What is the ancient Japanese code of the samurai warriors called?
A) Samurai Code
B) Zen Path
C) Ninja Way
D) Bushido
  • 22. Major earthquakes are common in Japan due to its location along which geological feature?
A) Pacific Ring of Fire
B) Mid-Atlantic Ridge
C) San Andreas Fault
D) Mariana Trench
  • 23. What is the traditional Japanese breakfast dish comprised of grilled fish, miso soup, rice, and pickles?
A) Okonomiyaki
B) Tempura
C) Tonkatsu
D) Ichiju Sansai
  • 24. What is the traditional Japanese wooden bathtub called?
A) Kaidan
B) Sentō
C) Sudare
D) Ofuro
  • 25. Which famous Japanese mountain is considered a sacred place by both Buddhists and Shintoists?
A) Mount Fuji
B) Mount Everest
C) Mount Rainier
D) Mount Kilimanjaro
  • 26. Which famous animated filmmaker created 'My Neighbor Totoro' and 'Spirited Away'?
A) Hayao Miyazaki
B) Makoto Shinkai
C) Isao Takahata
D) Mamoru Hosoda
  • 27. Which type of traditional Japanese footwear is made of wood?
A) Setta
B) Geta
C) Tabi
D) Zori
  • 28. What is the name of the traditional Japanese hot springs resort?
A) Banya
B) Sentō
C) Ryokan
D) Onsen
  • 29. Which ancient Japanese belief system focuses on living in harmony with nature?
A) Taoism
B) Shinto
C) Zen
D) Confucianism
  • 30. Which sport is a traditional Japanese form of martial art involving wooden swords?
A) Judo
B) Kendo
C) Karate
D) Sumo
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