California Gold Rush begins
  • 1. In which year did the California Gold Rush begin?
A) 1855
B) 1835
C) 1848
D) 1862
  • 2. Where did the California Gold Rush start?
A) Death Valley
B) Sutter's Mill
C) Golden Gate Bridge
D) Yosemite Valley
  • 3. Which event triggered the beginning of the California Gold Rush?
A) California achieving statehood
B) U.S. purchase of Alaska
C) Discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill
D) Invention of the steam engine
  • 4. What was the nickname given to the people who rushed to California to seek gold?
A) Sunset Seekers
B) Gold Miners
C) Gold Diggers
D) Forty-Niners
  • 5. What was the primary method of mining for gold in California?
A) Dredging
B) Drilling
C) Blasting
D) Panning
  • 6. Which country did the majority of immigrants to California during the Gold Rush come from?
A) China
B) Italy
C) Germany
D) Mexico
  • 7. Which famous author set a novel during the time of the California Gold Rush?
A) Charles Dickens
B) Edgar Allan Poe
C) Mark Twain
D) Jane Austen
  • 8. Who is credited with the discovery of gold that sparked the Gold Rush?
A) John Sutter
B) Kit Carson
C) James W. Marshall
D) Buffalo Bill
  • 9. What is the name of the body of water where ships docked to bring prospectors to California?
A) San Diego Bay
B) Monterey Bay
C) Santa Monica Bay
D) San Francisco Bay
  • 10. What was the nickname for the region where gold was plentiful during the Gold Rush?
A) Golden Basin
B) Silver Reef
C) Bronze Ridge
D) Mother Lode
  • 11. What impact did the California Gold Rush have on the economy of the United States?
A) Destroyed the economy
B) Stimulated the economy
C) Economy remained stagnant
D) Caused a recession
  • 12. What significant development happened in California in 1850 related to the Gold Rush?
A) Gold prices soared
B) Gold shortage occurred
C) California became a state
D) Gold was declared illegal
  • 13. What was the name of the river where gold was discovered in California?
A) Sacramento River
B) American River
C) Colorado River
D) Mississippi River
  • 14. Which famous event overshadowed the start of the California Gold Rush in 1848?
A) War of 1812
B) Civil War
C) Revolutionary War
D) Mexican-American War
  • 15. What were the people who profited from selling supplies to gold seekers called?
A) Merchants
B) Bankers
C) Miners
D) Goldsmiths
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