Tikal National Park
  • 1. Where is Tikal National Park located?
A) Peru
B) Guatemala
C) Mexico
D) Costa Rica
  • 2. What ancient civilization built Tikal?
A) Olmec
B) Aztec
C) Maya
D) Inca
  • 3. When was Tikal National Park established?
A) 1955
B) 1930
C) 1980
D) 2005
  • 4. What type of wildlife can be found in Tikal National Park?
A) Kangaroos
B) Penguins
C) Polar bears
D) Jaguars
  • 5. Tikal National Park is known for its abundance of what type of birds?
A) Toucans
B) Pigeons
C) Owls
D) Eagles
  • 6. What is the meaning of the name 'Tikal'?
A) City of Gold
B) Place of Voices
C) River Valley
D) Mountain Peak
  • 7. How many square kilometers is Tikal National Park?
A) 800
B) 576
C) 200
D) 400
  • 8. What is the tallest structure in Tikal National Park?
A) Temple I
B) Temple IV
C) The Great Pyramid
D) Temple II
  • 9. Which is the main plaza at Tikal known as?
A) The Great Plaza
B) Grand Square
C) Main Plaza
D) Central Square
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