Radama II
  • 1. Who was Radama II?
A) A famous explorer
B) King of Madagascar
C) An inventor
D) A painter
  • 2. In which century did Radama II rule Madagascar?
A) 14th century
B) 19th century
C) 20th century
D) 16th century
  • 3. What was the capital of Madagascar during Radama II's reign?
A) Toamasina
B) Mahajanga
C) Fianarantsoa
D) Antananarivo
  • 4. What was the primary language spoken in Madagascar during Radama II's rule?
A) English
B) Malagasy
C) Portuguese
D) French
  • 5. In which year did Radama II come to power in Madagascar?
A) 1843
B) 1825
C) 1861
D) 1888
  • 6. What type of government did Radama II establish in Madagascar?
A) Theocracy
B) Constitutional monarchy
C) Absolute monarchy
D) Dictatorship
  • 7. Which foreign advisor played a significant role in Radama II's court?
A) Frederick James Cobb
B) Hippolyte Silvain
C) Joseph-Fran├žois Lambert
D) Jean Laborde
  • 8. Which European nation had a significant influence on Madagascar during Radama II's reign?
A) France
B) Spain
C) Britain
D) Germany
  • 9. Which island country is located closest to Madagascar?
A) Reunion
B) Seychelles
C) Comoros
D) Mauritius
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