Transforming Teaching and Learning Using ICT
  • 1. Which of these computer applications is used for typing notes, letters and essays?
A) MS Word
B) MS Access
C) MS Excel
D) MS PowerPoint
  • 2. Which of these computer applications is a web browser?
A) Internet Explorer
B) MS Paint
C) MS PowerPoint
D) Windows Media Player
  • 3. Every good teacher must plan for and use ICT _______________________________ in lessons.
A) extensions
B) inductions
C) restrictions
D) perceptions
  • 4. Technology saves _________________ and ______________________.
  • 5. Technology enables teachers to _________________________ instructions and assessments in class.
  • 6. When students get direct instructions, the process is called __________________________________.
  • 7. When students' learning is through self facilitation, the process is called ______________________________________
A) Grammar
B) Phonics
C) Science
D) Math
  • 9. Which of the following is not a correct precautionary step to take when using internet resources?
A) Research ahead of time
B) Believe in all information from the internet
C) Get referral to a particular website
D) Don’t use unethical resources
  • 10. Name a website that is used for playing cross word puzzles. ___________________________________________________________ .
A) Science quiz
B) Math quiz
C) Phonics quiz
D) Grammar quiz
  • 12. The aim of the lesson is reflected in the ________________________ .
A) Differentiation
B) Assessment
C) Topic
D) Learning Objective
  • 13. The tools to be used for teaching such as text books, flash cards and work sheets are recorded in _____________________.
A) Resources
B) Assessment
C) Differentiation
D) Topic
  • 14. Which of these may not be good enough to be used in Introduction when writing an ICT enhanced lesson plan?
A) a video related to the topic
B) a video related to the topic
C) a song related to the topic
D) practice questions related to the topic from a text book
  • 15. The need to accommodate children’s multi-sensory learning styles is reflected in ________________ section of the ICT enhanced lesson plan.
A) Success Criteria
B) Prior Learning
C) Plenary
D) VAK Activities
  • 16. When I finish taking a lesson using my well-prepared lesson plan, I need to assess (or judge) myself to find out areas that need improvement. This self-assessment is recorded in the ________________________ section of the lesson plan.
A) Resources
B) Assessment
C) Reflection
D) Plenary
  • 17. The projection of color, images, video and shapes in PowerPoint is most ideal for what type of learner?
A) kinesthetic
B) auditory
C) spatial
D) visual
  • 18. PowerPoint is a type of _____________________________ software.
A) spread sheet
B) word processing
C) presentation
D) web browsing
  • 19. In order to type on live slides of MS PowerPoint, you use the pen feature which can be obtained by typing Ctrl + __________
  • 20. In order to cover a live slide with a white screen, press the letter ____________________.
  • 21. In order to cover a live slide with a black screen, press the letter ____________________.
  • 22. Which of these types of assignments CANNOT be uploaded on
A) short answer
B) true/ false
C) none of these
D) multiple choice questions
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