Sports Education: Hockey Test
  • 1. Write 1 paragraph about hockey.
  • 2. Who was the greatest hockey players of all time?
A) Alexander Ovechkin
B) Mario Lemieux
C) Wayne Gretzky
D) Sidney Crosby
E) Bobby Ore
  • 3. Who is the tallest player in all of Hockey history?
A) Tyler Myers
B) Nik Antropov
C) Bobby Ore
D) Chris Pronger
E) Zdeno Chara
  • 4. Who has the Hardest slap shot?
A) Zdeno Chara
B) Phillip MacCallum
C) Steven Stamkos
D) Vincent Lecavalier
E) Chris Pronger
  • 5. Who retired in 1999 with 3329 points?
A) Sidney Crosby
B) Tyler Myers
C) Bobby Ore
D) Mario Lemieux
E) Wayne Gretzky
  • 6. Who was the best goalie in hockey history?
A) Patrick Roy
B) Jacques Plante
C) Dominik Hasek
D) Martin Brodeur
E) Marc- André Fleury
  • 7. How many rings are on the Stanley Cup?
A) 5
B) 25
C) 7
D) 12
E) 3
  • 8. In what year was the Stanley Cup Created?
A) 1926
B) 1947
C) 1842
D) 1892
E) 1873
  • 9. Who was the Stanley Cup named after?
A) King Arthur
B) Lord Stanley of Preston
C) The Queen
D) No one
E) Richard Nixon
  • 10. What team won the Stanley Cup in 2011?
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