Pythagorean Theorem Application Quick Check
25 ft

13.2 ft

5 ft

35 ft


A 15 ft. ladder is placed against a building

so that the distance from the top of the ladder

to the ground is 10 ft.  Find the distance (to the

nearest tenth) from the bottom of the ladder to

the building.

(Draw the shape out to help you decide what you

need to find) 


11.2 ft

10.8 ft

11.9 ft

10.3 ft

Find x using the pythagorean theorem.







Jania purchased a 45 inch tv, which means

that diagonally it is 45 inches.  If the height of the

tv is 27 inches, how long would it it be? 



A pool is 12 feet by 20 feet.  If Jay swims

diagonally across the pool, how far did he swim?

22.3 ft

22.9 ft

23.3 ft

23.9 ft

A Zip-line was extended from the top of a 20-meterbuilding and a distance of 50 meters across water. How long was the zip line? Round to the nearest tenth.
A pool table is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. How far 
is it from one corner pocket to the diagonally
opposite corner pocket? Round to the nearest tenth.
What is the height of a right triangle with a leg length of 8 cm and a hypotenuse of 14 cm?Round to the nearest tenth.
Maria drove along the blue path in the map below. She drove 70 meters due west and then 40 meters due north. How much shorter would her drive have beenif she would have been able to drive diagonally?Round to the nearest tenth.

Which of the following sets represents the sides of a 

right triangle? 

16, 28, 30

25, 60, 65

9, 16, 30

12, 14, 16

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