Vojvodina region
  • 1. What is the capital city of Vojvodina region?
A) Novi Sad
B) Nis
C) Belgrade
D) Kragujevac
  • 2. Which river flows through the Vojvodina region?
A) Danube
B) Sava
C) Morava
D) Drina
  • 3. Which ethnic group is the largest in Vojvodina region?
A) Croats
B) Serbs
C) Slovaks
D) Hungarians
  • 4. What is the official language of Vojvodina region?
A) Croatian
B) Slovak
C) Serbian
D) Hungarian
  • 5. What major event is held annually in Novi Sad, Vojvodina's capital city?
A) Exit Festival
B) Carnival
C) Sziget Festival
D) Oktoberfest
  • 6. In which country is Vojvodina region located?
A) Croatia
B) Bosnia and Herzegovina
C) Hungary
D) Serbia
  • 7. Which Vojvodina city is known for its impressive Art Nouveau architecture?
A) Sombor
B) Novi Sad
C) Subotica
D) Zrenjanin
  • 8. What traditional alcoholic beverage is commonly produced in Vojvodina region?
A) Rakija
B) Gin
C) Whiskey
D) Tequila
  • 9. Which famous football club is based in Vojvodina region?
A) Hajduk Split
B) Partizan Belgrade
C) FK Vojvodina
D) Red Star Belgrade
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