Grammar test
  • 1. I have been living in Madrid
A) for ten years
B) ten years ago
C) ten years
D) since ten years
  • 2. Have you finished with the newspaper
A) still?
B) already?
C) now?
D) yet?
  • 3. This is the__thing I have ever done.
A) harder
B) more hard
C) hard
D) hardest
  • 4. If I want to pass my exam, I__study harder
A) will have to
B) have to
C) had to
D) would have to
  • 5. Michael is___ his sister
A) not so clever than
B) not so clever as
C) not as clever as
D) not as clever than
  • 6. What ____ now?
A) does you
B) do you doing
C) do you do
D) are you doing
  • 7. I have arranged__ dinner with Barbara on Thursday.
A) having
B) had
C) have had
D) to have
  • 8. What is in passive voice? Many people speak french in Canada
A) French was spoken in Canada
B) French has been spoking in Canada
C) French is speaking in Canada
D) French is spoken in Canada
  • 9. Wich is the passive voice? The manager is going to offer Sue a job
A) Sue went to offer a job
B) Sue was going to offered a job
C) Sue is going to be offered a job
D) Sue is going to be offered a job
  • 10. Maria__her friend that she was shopping with her mother.
A) Spoke
B) Told
C) talked
D) Said
  • 11. The teacher ____he would ask ten question in the exam
A) Talked
B) Spoke
C) Told
D) Said
  • 12. What___ if you were alone
A) would you do
B) have you do
C) will you do
D) do you do
  • 13. If they____they would have had an accident
A) hadn´t stop
B) hadn´t stopped
C) didn´t stopped
D) haven´t stopped
  • 14. She's married to a doctor, _____?
A) doesn't she
B) haven´t she
C) isn´t she
D) didn´t she
  • 15. There's a woman_____ handbag was stolen
A) Whose
B) Who
C) wich
D) who´s
  • 16. The guy ____we met at the concert is a friend of my brother.
A) Who´s
B) whose
C) who
D) that
  • 17. _________ one do you want? The red one or the blue one?
A) who
B) where
C) Wich
D) what
  • 18. He hasn't got______time for a coffee
A) much
B) a lot
C) many
D) few
Answer Key
1.D   2.D   3.D   4.A   5.C   6.D   7.D   8.D   9.C,D   10.B   11.D   12.A   13.B   14.A   15.A   16.C   17.C   18.A  
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