Sudan's Rich History of Trade and Commerce
  • 1. What is one of the main commodities Sudan has traded throughout history?
A) Silver
B) Gold
C) Rubber
D) Cotton
  • 2. Which ancient civilization did Sudan have important trade connections with?
A) Greece
B) Egypt
C) India
D) China
  • 3. Which river has played a crucial role in Sudan's trade history?
A) Amazon River
B) Yangtze River
C) Mississippi River
D) Nile River
  • 4. Which city in Sudan was known as a major trading hub in ancient times?
A) Timbuktu
B) Cairo
C) Meroe
D) Alexandria
  • 5. What valuable resource did Sudan become a major exporter of during the 19th century?
A) Gum Arabic
B) Coffee
C) Tea
D) Spices
  • 6. What is the traditional trading practice in Sudan where goods are exchanged without using money?
A) Credit
B) Haggling
C) Investing
D) Barter
  • 7. Which European power controlled Sudan for a significant period of time impacting its trade?
A) Portugal
B) Britain
C) Spain
D) France
  • 8. What body of water provided access to international trade routes for Sudan during the colonial period?
A) Mediterranean Sea
B) Red Sea
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) Indian Ocean
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