Bronze age in England
  • 1. What is one of the most famous Bronze Age sites in England?
A) Tower of London
B) Stonehenge
C) Westminster Abbey
D) Big Ben
  • 2. What type of burial mounds are commonly associated with the Bronze Age in England?
A) Pyramids
B) Castle Moats
C) Sphinxes
D) Round Barrows
  • 3. What type of metalworking process was key during the Bronze Age?
A) Soldering
B) Forging
C) Casting
D) Welding
  • 4. Which metal was typically alloyed with copper to make bronze?
A) Lead
B) Iron
C) Silver
D) Tin
  • 5. What is the name of the ancient cup and ring markings found in Bronze Age art?
A) Spiral Designs
B) Star Patterns
C) Cup and Ring Marks
D) Moon Symbols
  • 6. Which ancient metalworking technique involved heating and cooling metal to change its properties?
A) Etching
B) Annealing
C) Plating
D) Polishing
  • 7. What is the term for a Bronze Age structure made of large stones set in a circle?
A) Henge
B) Temple
C) Labyrinth
D) Maze
  • 8. What is the name of the ancient metalworker who would have made tools and objects during the Bronze Age?
A) Smith
B) Plumber
C) Farmer
D) Carpenter
  • 9. What type of monument was the Bronze Age burial at Sutton Hoo?
A) Pyramid
B) Column Tomb
C) Ship Burial
D) Mausoleum
  • 10. What is the term for objects deliberately buried in the ground during the Bronze Age?
A) Relic
B) Artifact
C) Treasure
D) Hoard
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