Week 3- Matching
__1. AppreciateA. an emotional response
__2. attainB. to make a deal
__3. campaignC. respect and honor
__4. creativeD. to help and assist
__5. enableE. stop or falter
__6. ExclaimF. to finish a course of study
__7. freightG. a heavy item
__8. graduateH. a political tool
__9. hesitateI. work hard
__10. negotiateJ. a form of expression
__11. acquiredA. necessary items
__12. curesB. to be scared of something
__13. forbiddingC. to develop the skills
__14. harvestingD. not allowed
__15. omittedE. medical discovery
__16. petrifiedF. to forget
__17. potatoesG. media schedule
__18. programmingH. seasonal crop collection
__19. resourcesI. have eyes and no ears
__20. separatingJ. to divide into groups
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