Odacer overthrows Augustulus Romulus - last Roman Emperor
  • 1. Who was the Byzantine Emperor at the time of Augustulus Romulus' overthrow?
A) Constantine
B) Heraclius
C) Augustus
D) Zeno
  • 2. Which Germanic tribe did Odacer belong to?
A) Sciri
B) Vandals
C) Franks
D) Goths
  • 3. What did Odacer declare himself after overthrowing Augustulus Romulus?
A) General of the Legions
B) Pope
C) Emperor of Rome
D) King of Italy
  • 4. Who recognized Odacer as the legitimate King of Italy?
A) Attila the Hun
B) Charlemagne
C) Emperor Zeno
D) Hannibal
  • 5. Which city served as the Western Roman Empire's capital during the reign of Augustulus Romulus?
A) Rome
B) Constantinople
C) Milan
D) Ravenna
  • 6. What term is used to describe the period in history after the fall of the Western Roman Empire?
A) Industrial Revolution
B) Enlightenment Era
C) Golden Age
D) Dark Ages
  • 7. What title did Odacer assume after becoming King of Italy?
A) Patrician
B) Caesar
C) Imperator
D) Tribune
  • 8. What language did Odacer and his tribe primarily speak?
A) Greek
B) Frankish
C) Gothic
D) Latin
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