• 1. Manipulatives have helped people learn Mathematics since when?
A) Ancient Times
B) Renaissance Period
C) Medieval Times
  • 2. Use of Manipulatives is not all new.
A) False
B) Maybe
C) True
  • 3. Are concrete objects like blocks and geometric figures that students can interact with (touch and move)
A) Manipulatives
B) Manipulate
C) Manipulations
  • 4. In modern times, who are the two were the one's who advanced the use of Manipulatives in classroom instruction.
A) Friedrich - Frobel and Marrie Montessori
B) Friedrich - Froebel and Maria Montessori
C) Friedrich - Frowbel and Mary Montessori
  • 5. One drawback in using Manipulatives can may cause what? specially to struggling students
A) Constructing
B) Confusion
C) Cooperative
  • 6. Careless use of Manipulatives might result in students believing that there are two different words of Mathematics, what are those?
A) Manipulative and constructed
B) Manipulative and symbolic
C) Manipulative and confusion
  • 7. It is not important that the teacher carefully plans how to integrate Manipulatives
A) False
B) True
C) Maybe
  • 8. The DepEd Mathematics curriculum calls for Manipulatives to be used in teaching in?
A) A variety of competencies
B) A variety of competition
C) A variety of comparison
  • 9. What is the mathematical instrument used by early Chinese?
A) Quipo
B) Abacus
C) DIY Protractor
  • 10. While the students are at work, the teacher must be pay attention to their?
A) Mathematical talk
B) Mathematical Idea
C) Mathematical expression
  • 11. Use students what to enhance the discussion?
A) Style
B) Idea
C) Thinking
  • 12. If students are struggling, ask them what kind of questions?
A) "why and how"
B) "why and where"
C) "who and where"
  • 13. Making your own Manipulatives is much cheaper and it gives you the benefit of customizing them according to your needs.
A) False
B) True
C) Maybe
  • 14. It is knotted strings used by Inca's to aid in counting
A) Quipo
B) Quiepo
C) Quopo
  • 15. Give the students clear and specific instructions.
A) Maybe
B) False
C) True
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