Elizabeth Ann Linley
  • 1. Who was Elizabeth Ann Linley?
A) A celebrated painter
B) A renowned physicist
C) A famous English soprano
D) An influential politician
  • 2. In which century did Elizabeth Ann Linley live?
A) 16th century
B) 18th century
C) 19th century
D) 20th century
  • 3. What was Elizabeth Ann Linley's profession?
A) Singer
B) Engineer
C) Doctor
D) Chef
  • 4. Elizabeth Ann Linley gained popularity for her performances in which type of music?
A) Reggae
B) Jazz
C) Rock
D) Opera
  • 5. In which country did Elizabeth Ann Linley primarily perform?
A) France
B) Germany
C) Italy
D) England
  • 6. Elizabeth Ann Linley was the subject of a famous portrait by which artist?
A) Pablo Picasso
B) Thomas Gainsborough
C) Vincent van Gogh
D) Leonardo da Vinci
  • 7. Elizabeth Ann Linley's singing ability was compared to which famous opera singer?
A) Angelica Catalani
B) Luciano Pavarotti
C) Maria Callas
D) Enrico Caruso
  • 8. Elizabeth Ann Linley was also known for her proficiency in playing which instrument?
A) Harpsichord
B) Flute
C) Violin
D) Guitar
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