Naval architecture
  • 1. What does the term 'freeboard' refer to in naval architecture?
A) The number of sails a ship has
B) The width of the ship's hull
C) The ship's top speed
D) The distance between the waterline and the main deck
  • 2. In naval architecture, what does 'LOA' stand for?
A) Load of Aft
B) Length Overall
C) Lateral Opening Area
D) Line of Alignment
  • 3. What is the keel of a ship?
A) The backbone of the ship running along the bottom from bow to stern
B) The highest point on the mast
C) The anchor point at the stern
D) The engine room
  • 4. What does the term 'scantling' refer to in ship design?
A) The rotation of the ship
B) The dimensions and sizes of structural members in the ship's construction
C) The speed at which a ship sails
D) The capacity of the ship's fuel tanks
  • 5. What is the purpose of a stern tube on a ship?
A) To support and align the ship's propeller shaft
B) To assist in steering
C) To increase cargo capacity
D) To provide additional stability
  • 6. What is meant by a ship's 'deadweight tonnage'?
A) The maximum height a ship can be loaded
B) The number of lifeboats on board
C) The speed at which the ship is capable of traveling
D) The total weight of cargo, fuel, water, and supplies carried by the ship
  • 7. What is the purpose of a ship's bow thruster?
A) To control the ship's radar system
B) To increase the ship's speed
C) To provide additional stability
D) To aid in maneuvering the ship at low speeds or in tight spaces
  • 8. What does the term 'propeller pitch' indicate on a ship's propeller?
A) The width of the propeller blades
B) The total number of propellers on the ship
C) The material the propeller is made of
D) The distance the propeller would move in one revolution through a solid medium
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