Charlemagne crowned Emperor
  • 1. Who crowned Charlemagne Emperor?
A) Emperor Otto I
B) Pope Gregory I
C) Pope Leo III
D) King Louis the Pious
  • 2. What title was Charlemagne given when he was crowned Emperor?
A) King of France
B) Holy Roman Emperor
C) Emperor of Byzantium
D) Papal Emperor
  • 3. What was the significance of Charlemagne's coronation as Emperor?
A) It led to the division of the Carolingian Empire.
B) It marked the revival of the title of Roman Emperor in Western Europe.
C) It marked the end of the Carolingian dynasty.
D) It resulted in Charlemagne losing his title as King.
  • 4. Which of the following territories was not part of Charlemagne's Empire at the time of his coronation?
A) England
B) Spain
C) Germany
D) Italy
  • 5. How did Charlemagne's coronation impact the concept of the Roman Empire in Europe?
A) It contributed to the idea of a unified Christian Empire in the West.
B) It ended the Roman Empire in Europe.
C) It led to the fragmentation of the Roman Empire further.
D) It established a Muslim Empire in Europe.
  • 6. After his coronation, where did Charlemagne establish his capital?
A) Rome
B) Aachen
C) Paris
D) Madrid
  • 7. Who was Charlemagne's father?
A) Charles Martel
B) Pepin the Short
C) Clovis I
D) Louis the Pious
  • 8. What title did Charlemagne hold before being crowned Emperor?
A) Count of Flanders
B) King of the Franks
C) Emperor of Gaul
D) Duke of Normandy
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