The Harz Mountains
  • 1. Where are the Harz Mountains located?
A) France
B) Italy
C) Germany
D) Spain
  • 2. What is the highest peak in the Harz Mountains?
A) Rosstrappe
B) Brocken
C) Hexentanzplatz
D) Wurmberg
  • 3. Which forest is primarily located in the Harz Mountains?
A) Amazon Rainforest
B) Bialowieza Forest
C) Black Forest
D) Harz National Park
  • 4. Which famous fairytale by the Brothers Grimm is set in the Harz Mountains?
A) Rapunzel
B) Snow White
C) Hansel and Gretel
D) Little Red Riding Hood
  • 5. What popular outdoor activity can visitors enjoy in the Harz Mountains?
A) Skiing
B) Surfing
C) Rock climbing
D) Hiking
  • 6. What type of rock formations are common in the Harz Mountains?
A) Granite
B) Limestone
C) Sandstone
D) Basalt
  • 7. What unique natural phenomena can be observed in the Harz Mountains on misty days?
A) Brocken spectre
B) Northern Lights
C) Rainbows
D) Double rainbows
  • 8. Which town in the Harz Mountains is famous for its half-timbered houses?
A) Erfurt
B) Goslar
C) Halberstadt
D) Quedlinburg
  • 9. Which notable German writer and philosopher took inspiration from the Harz Mountains for some of his works?
A) Friedrich Nietzsche
B) Karl Marx
C) Heinrich Heine
D) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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