AIC SS 1 English Language 3rd Assessment
  • 1. A homograph is 
A) A word of the same written form as another but of different meaning.
B) A word of the same meaning but of a different written form.
C) A painting that depicts the same thing but is made by different artists.
D) An accounting graph showing the results of a company's financial statements. 
  • 2. We sat on the river _____________ and put our feet in the water. I need to deposit my
    money in the __________
A) bank
B) Place
C) Safe
D) side
  • 3. Fill in the correct tense form. Some teachers ____________ much homework.
A) are give
B) gives
C) is give
D) give
  • 4. Taylor and Adam __________ good friends.
A) is
B) be
C) does
D) are
  • 5. Listen! Somebody ______________ at the door.
A) knocks is
B) knocks
C) knock
D) is knocking
  • 6. _____ you finished your homework?

A) Hasn't
B) Is
C) Have
D) Has
  • 7. A ___________________________ is financial compensation for an expense or loss.
A) Reimbursement
B) Check
C) Subsidy
D) Loan
  • 8. Choose the correct auxiliary verb. If you had let me know earlier, I __________ have been able to come.
A) shall
B) would
C) will have
D) will
  • 9. _________ we leave now or do you want to wait?
A) Would
B) Shall
C) Mightn't
D) Will
  • 10. Which sequence is followed in a letter ?
A) The main body, salutation, complementary close
B) Salutation, the main body, complementary close
C) Body, complimentary close, salutation
D) Complementary address, body, salutation
  • 11. 'Yours faithfully’ is written in which type of letter?
A) None of the above
B) informal
C) Formal
D) Both
  • 12. Which sound does not belong to the class of sounds in the options given?
A) /n/
B) /w/
C) /m/
  • 13. If there is an age restriction then you _________ go in as you are too young.
A) shouldn't
B) will
C) shall not
D) should
  • 14. _________ we leave now or do you want to wait?
A) Mightn't
B) Can't
C) Shall
D) Will
  • 15. She —————— read when she was four.

A) May
B) Would
C) Could
D) Can
  • 16.  I ———————- arrived in time, if I had not lost my way.

A) would have
B) have
C) could
D) Will have
  • 17. He ——————- succeed if he works hard.
A) would
B) must
C) will
D) ought
  • 18. Choose the correct past tense form. These two boys FIGHT on the playground.
A) were fighted
B) fought
C) was fought
D) fighted
  • 19. She said it IS the most delicious dinner she ever ate.
A) Am
B) Were
C) Are
D) Was
  • 20.  

    I GO to meet my friend after a long time.
A) Went
B) Goes
C) Has gone
D) Gone
  • 21. What is paraphrasing?
A) stealing someone else’s words
B) summarizing and shortening
C) rephrasing an original statement
D) a type of summarization
  • 22. Which is the best paraphrase of the following sentence?
    Deserts cover one fifth of the surface of the Earth. 

A) Deserts cover one fifth of the Earth.
B) Deserts cover more than half of the Earth's surface.
C) One fifth of the Earth's surface is desert
  • 23. What is the best paraphrase of the following sentence?
    Brazil is the largest country in South America and Suriname is the smallest. 
A) Suriname and Brazil the largest and smallest countries in Brazil.
B) The two countries of Brazil and Suriname are two countries in Brazil.
C) The biggest country in South America is Brazil, while the tiniest is Suriname.
D) The largest country is Brazil and the smallest country is Suriname, and they are both countries in Brazil.
  • 24. The negative feeling you get when you do something wrong is ____.
A) gilt
B) guilt
  • 25. Which of these is not a punctuation mark?
A) Comma
B) Full stop
C) Colon
D) Hashtag
  • 26. Which sentence is written correctly?
A) After the storm ended we went outside to survey the damage.
B) After the storm ended, we went outside to survey the damage.
C) After the storm ended, we went outside, to survey the damage.
D) After the storm ended we went outside, to survey the damage.
  • 27. Choose the the appropriate stress pattern from the options.
A) comPUter
B) compuTER
D) COMputer
  • 28. Which document is prepared before a meeting to list items to be discussed or acted upon?
A) Minutes
B) Report
C) Agendas
D) Memo
  • 29. Which of these is not a type of essay writing?
A) Personal essay
B) Argumentative essay
C) Descriptive essay
D) Narrative essay
  • 30. Which of these essay type tells a story?
A) Narrative essay
B) Descriptive essay
C) Expository essay
D) Argumentative essay
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