Making Decisions Together
  • 1. What is a key factor to consider when making decisions together?
A) Individuality
B) Communication
C) Silence
D) Competition
  • 2. Why is open-mindedness important in collaborative decision-making?
A) It leads to quick decisions
B) It avoids conflicts
C) It allows for considering different perspectives
D) It promotes hierarchy
  • 3. When finding a solution together, what does the acronym 'S.M.A.R.T.' stand for?
A) Simple, Memorable, Active, Right, Timely
B) Strategic, Mindful, Altruistic, Respectful, Truthful
C) Sensible, Motivated, Authentic, Reliable, Talented
D) Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound
  • 4. Which of the following is a common pitfall when making decisions together?
A) Groupthink
B) Creative conflict
C) Flexibility
D) Transparency
  • 5. What is an example of a decision-making tool that can aid in making informed choices as a group?
A) Rock, Paper, Scissors
B) Magic Eight Ball
C) Coin flip
D) Decision matrix
  • 6. What should group members do before reaching a final decision?
A) Ignore alternative solutions
B) Show impatience
C) Consider the pros and cons of each option
D) Select the first idea proposed
  • 7. Which factor is essential for successful group decision-making?
A) Secretiveness
B) Suspicion
C) Trust
D) Indifference
  • 8. In a consensus decision-making process, how does the group aim to make decisions?
A) By following the leader's choice
B) By random selection
C) By reaching agreement that everyone can support
D) By having a majority vote
  • 9. What is the purpose of reflecting on past decisions made together as a group?
A) To repeat successful decisions blindly
B) To improve future decision-making processes
C) To dwell on mistakes
D) To blame others
  • 10. What is a consequence of not involving all group members in decision-making?
A) Accountability and responsibility
B) Transparency and fairness
C) Resentment and lack of commitment
D) Efficiency and speed
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