Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • 1. Which city is the gateway to Tierra del Fuego National Park?
A) Buenos Aires
B) Lima
C) Santiago
D) Ushuaia
  • 2. Which body of water borders the park to the south?
A) Beagle Channel
B) Atlantic Ocean
C) Strait of Magellan
D) Pacific Ocean
  • 3. What is the main activity for visitors in the park?
A) Hiking
B) Skiing
C) Whale watching
D) Surfing
  • 4. What is the name of the train that takes visitors through the park?
A) End of the World Train
B) Freedom Rail
C) Wilderness Express
D) Patagonia Explorer
  • 5. What is the official language in the region where the park is located?
A) French
B) Portuguese
C) Spanish
D) English
  • 6. What is the meaning of 'Tierra del Fuego' in English?
A) Water of Life
B) Mountain of Ice
C) Island of Wind
D) Land of Fire
  • 7. Which famous adventure competition starts in Tierra del Fuego National Park?
A) Rally Dakar
B) Eco-Challenge
C) The Amazing Race
D) The Patagonian Expedition Race
  • 8. Which of the following is a threat to the biodiversity of the park?
A) Population growth
B) Protected area regulations
C) Climate change
D) Invasive species
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