Comparing Unit Rates (2/4/2024)
  • 1. Jack's and Mo's orchards had a harvest of 450 Ib and 1,215 Ib of oranges respectively. If Jack had 6 orange trees and Mo had 15 orange trees, whose orchard acquired the higher yield per tree?
A) Jack's orchard
B) Mo's orchard
  • 2. Zoe visits a departmental store to pick a pack of salted mixed nuts. A pack of 15.25 oz of mixed nuts is priced at $7.93, and the offer on a pack containing 25 oz of nuts is $11.75. Which is the better deal.
A) 15.25 oz pack
B) 25 oz pack
  • 3. Kathleen, a florist, designs 5 bridesmaid bouquets with 95 rose stems. She also creates
    3 bouquets with 63 tulips for the flower girls. Which type of bouquet was designed with lesser number of flowers?
A) Flowergirl bouquets
B) Bridesmaid bouquets
  • 4. Andre, Rick, and Ty were practicing for a track cycling race. Andre covered a distance of 750 m in 3 minutes. Rick clocked 4 minutes for a distance of 800 m. Ty raced 950 m in 5 minutes. Who covered the least distance per minute?
A) Rick
B) Ty
C) Andre
  • 5. Sam visits 3 stores to find the best deal for a pair of jeans. Store A offers a discounted price of $120 for 4 pairs of jeans. Two pairs of jeans sell for $100 at Store B. Store Coffers 3 pairs of jeans at $99. Which store offers the best deal?
A) Store B
B) Store C
C) Store A
  • 6. A contact center provides incentives based on the number of sales achieved by its representatives. Ross made 27 sales in 3 days. His colleague, Mona secured 49 sales in
    one week. Who achieved a higher sales target per day?
A) Ross
B) Mona
  • 7. Kris's bike used up 4.5 gallons of gas to cover a distance of 297 miles. Jake travels 366
    miles on a full tank capacity of 6 gallons. Ben's bike consumed 5.2 gallons of gas for a 265.2 miles long drive. Whose bike gave the best mileage?
A) Jake
B) Ben
C) Kris's
  • 8. It was a busy evening at the restaurant. Ron waited on 48 tables for 3 hours. Joe served 45 customers in 5 hours. Sue waited on 34 tables for 2 hours. Who had the busiest day serving the most number of customers per hour?
A) Sue
B) Joe
C) Ron
  • 9. Store A offers a pack of 4 LED bulbs for $14.96. Six LED bulbs are sold for $18.42 at Store B. The offer price for a pack of 5 LED bulbs was $17.95 at store C. Find the store
    that offers the best deal.
A) Store B
B) Store C
C) Store A
  • 10. Angela baked 5 batches of lemon sugar cookies with 17.5 cups of flour. She also made 3 batches of vanilla cookies using 11.25 cups of flour. Which type of cookies required more flour?
A) Lemon
B) Vanilla
  • 11. Sam and John planted green beans in their respective gardens. Sam's garden harvested 19.5 Ib of green beans in 3 weeks. John's garden produced a yield of 14.7 Ib in 2 weeks. Whose garden yielded a higher harvest of beans per week?
A) John's Garden
B) Sam's Garden
  • 12. Peter and Matt went on separate kayaks to catch fish in Onondaga lake, NY during the wee hours of Sunday morning. Peter caught 961b of fish in 4 hours. Matt netted 120 Ib of fish in 5 hours. Who caught more fish per hour?
A) Peter
B) Peter and Mat catch the same amount
C) Matt
  • 13. Serena and Stacey are professional hairdressers who work at two different beauty salons in the city. Serena works for 8 hours and earns $112. Stacey is paid $ 75 for 5 hours of work. Which of the two hairdressers earns more per hour?
A) Serena earns more
B) Stacey earns more
  • 14. Twin brothers, Zac and Preston took up a math online test. Zac answered 30 questions in 5 minutes. Preston took 7 minutes to answer 35 questions. Which of the two siblings
    solved the problems at a faster rate per minute?
A) Zac solved the problem faster
B) Preston solved the problem faster
  • 15. Derek was surfing through the internet for a good deal on t-shirts. Help Derek find the best buy among the following deals: Three t-shirts for $ 28.95, four t-shirts priced at $39, and an offer of five t-shirts for $49.95.
A) The best deal is the 5 t- shirts
B) The best deal is the 3 t- shirts
C) The best deal is the 4 t- shirts
  • 16. Henry bought 118 oz of dried figs for $36.58 from a wholesale store. Karen picked a 7 oz pack of dried figs for $2.73. Who clinched the better buy?
A) Henry
B) Karen
  • 17. Flight A traveled a distance of 980 miles in 95 minutes. Flight B reached its destination in 82 minutes and covered a distance of 854 miles. Which of the two flights traveled at a faster speed?
A) Flight B
B) Flight A
  • 18. Nancy types 388 words in 4 minutes. Her friend, Jenna types 294 words in 3 minutes.
    Who types at a faster rate, Nancy or Jenna?
A) Nancy
B) Jenna
  • 19. A supermarket has the following offers on storage containers during an X-mas sale: A set of 5 storage containers for $3.05,4 containers priced at $3.12 and an offer of $2.73 on 3 storage containers. Determine the best deal available.
A) Set of 5
B) Set of 3
C) Set of 4
  • 20. A total of 348 people attended a health screening on day one of a medical camp over a 6 hour period. The team of doctors attended to 228 people in 4 hours on day two. Determine the day which recorded lesser number of people per hour.
A) Day 1
B) Day 2
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