Unit 4 Social Studies Test
  • 1. Why did the French and British go to war in 1754?
A) Both wanted the Ohio River Valley.
B) The French helped the Iroquois.
C) The British helped the Huron.
D) The French wanted control of Mexico.
  • 2. After the French & Indian war, Great Britain claimed what?
A) France
B) All of France's colonies in North America.
C) Haiti
D) All of Europe and Asia.
  • 3. What was George Washington's role in the French and Indian war?
A) He was an officer on the side of the British.
B) He fought for the French.
C) He was getting training in Europe.
D) He wasn't born yet.
  • 4. Which one of these was a result of the French and Indian War?
A) Great Britain won, but was in debt and taxed the colonies.
B) The United States was founded.
C) France took over the United States.
D) Great Britain was forced to enslave the colonists.
  • 5. What event is in this image?
A) Boston Massacre
B) Battle of Greentown
C) Boston Tea Party
D) Battle of Yorktown
  • 6. What event is in this image?
A) French Revolution
B) Boston Massacre
C) Salem Witch Trials
D) Boston Tea Party
  • 7. Lexington & Concord were battles that were encouraging to the colonists for what reason?
A) It stopped Great Britain from taxing more.
B) It allowed Tea to be sold to anyone.
C) It showed that the war would be over in a few days.
D) It showed that the colonists could stand up to the British.
  • 8. Why did the Sons of Liberty dump tea into Boston Harbor?
A) They were revolting against the tea tax.
B) Fish really like tea.
C) The tea was poisonous.
D) They accidentally thought it was crates of bombs.
  • 9. Why did patriots need French and European help?
A) They just thought that they were cool.
B) They were in need of money, ammunition, training, and other supplies.
C) They were in need of new ideas.
D) They were in need of French bread and French Fries.
  • 10. What is one way that women helped during the Revolutionary War?
A) Shouting mean things at the British.
B) Taking care of family farms, nursing, spies, even fighting.
C) They left the men alone.
D) They stopped helping Congress.
  • 11. What document was the last ditch effort to make peace with Great Britain and the king?
A) Stamp Act
B) Declaration of Independence
C) Quartering Act
D) Olive Branch Petition
  • 12. What document stated to the world that the United States was a new country?
A) Magna Carta
B) Olive Branch Petition
C) Driver's License Form
D) Declaration of Independence
  • 13. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
A) George Washington
B) Tom Johnson
C) Thomas Jefferson
D) Benjamin Franklin
E) John Adams
  • 14. Which side did most Native Americans take during the Revolutionary War?
A) American
B) Spanish
C) Hoosiers
D) British
  • 15. Why did the Native Americans support the British against the Americans?
A) British had set aside land for them.
B) British gave them lots of food.
C) British wore fancier and cooler wigs.
D) Americans didn't pay as much for their furs.
  • 16. How did Kosciosko help the Americans?
A) He helped in engineering forts.
B) He made a machine gun.
C) He taught them how to eat leather.
D) He helped in teaching Polish.
  • 17. How did von Steuben help the Americans?
A) He helped make fun of the British.
B) He was a spy.
C) He taught them how to get rid of disease.
D) He drilled and trained the army.
  • 18. Which of these was the last battle of the Revolution?
A) Bastogne
B) Saratoga
C) Yorktown
D) Bunker Hill
E) Waterloo
  • 19. What issue almost stopped the congress from voting on independence?
A) Choosing a national bird
B) Taxes
C) Slavery
D) Where the capital would be
E) Deep sea fishing rights
  • 20. How did the French help the Americans win the final battle of the Revolution?
A) They went to Great Britain and took the king captive.
B) They set fire to the city of Yorktown.
C) They brought over french fries, berets, the guillotine, and super fancy long wigs.
D) They blockaded the area with their navy not allowing the British to resupply or escape.
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