• 1. What is the capital city of Brunei?
A) Brunei Town
B) Kuala Belait
C) Temburong
D) Bandar Seri Begawan
  • 2. Which currency is used in Brunei?
A) Yen
B) Brunei Dollar
C) Baht
D) Rupiah
  • 3. What is the official language of Brunei?
A) English
B) Arabic
C) Chinese
D) Malay
  • 4. Brunei is located on the island of ________.
A) Java
B) Celebes
C) Sumatra
D) Borneo
  • 5. Which of the following animals can be found in the rainforests of Brunei?
A) Proboscis Monkey
B) Giant Panda
C) Kangaroo
D) Polar Bear
  • 6. Which sea surrounds Brunei on the north, northwest, and east?
A) Pacific Ocean
B) South China Sea
C) Arabian Sea
D) Indian Ocean
  • 7. In what year did Brunei gain independence from the United Kingdom?
A) 1984
B) 1990
C) 1965
D) 1971
  • 8. What is the national flower of Brunei?
A) Rose
B) Simpor
C) Orchid
D) Lotus
  • 9. What is the name of the famous floating village in Brunei?
A) Boat City
B) Floating Settlement
C) Kampong Ayer
D) Water Haven
  • 10. In Brunei, what is the famous traditional dish made from sago starch and served with a variety of side dishes?
A) Roti Canai
B) Nasi Katok
C) Ambuyat
D) Kolo Mee
  • 11. What is the highest point in Brunei located in the Temburong District?
A) Mount Murud
B) Mount Tahan
C) Bukit Pagon
D) Mount Kinabalu
  • 12. Which continent is Brunei located in?
A) Europe
B) North America
C) Asia
D) Africa
  • 13. Brunei gained full independence from which country in 1984?
A) Singapore
B) Malaysia
C) Indonesia
D) United Kingdom
  • 14. Brunei is known for being a major exporter of which natural resource?
A) Coal
B) Oil
C) Timber
D) Gold
  • 15. Which famous rainforest is located in Brunei?
A) Congo Rainforest
B) Daintree Rainforest
C) Amazon Rainforest
D) Ulu Temburong National Park
  • 16. What is the climate of Brunei like?
A) Arctic
B) Temperate
C) Tropical
D) Desert
  • 17. What is the traditional dance of Brunei called?
A) Zapin
B) Hula
C) Ballet
D) Salsa
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