• 1. Who is credited with creating the first skateboard?
A) Ryan Sheckler
B) Larry Stevenson
C) Tony Hawk
D) Rodney Mullen
  • 2. What material are most skateboard decks made of?
A) Bamboo
B) Maple
C) Oak
D) Pine
  • 3. Which famous skateboarder is also known as the Birdman?
A) Bam Margera
B) Ryan Sheckler
C) Rob Dyrdek
D) Tony Hawk
  • 4. What is NOT a standard part of a skateboard?
A) Deck
B) Wheels
C) Trucks
D) Steering wheel
  • 5. Who is credited with inventing the ollie?
A) Bam Margera
B) Rodney Mullen
C) Tony Hawk
D) Alan Gelfand
  • 6. What is a skater's favorite protective gear?
A) Knee pads
B) Helmet
C) Elbow pads
D) Gloves
  • 7. What is a common term for a skateboard park with ramps, rails, and bowls?
A) Boarders Paradise
B) Wheel Haven
C) Skaterland
D) Skatepark
  • 8. What are riser pads used for on a skateboard?
A) To prevent wheel bite
B) To adjust the wheel tightness
C) To improve ollie height
D) To perform kickflips
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