Industrialization & Immigration Part 7
  • 1. This gives a inventor credit for their invention and allows them to produce and sell it.
  • 2. This invention made a huge impact and brought day into night.
  • 3. This invention allowed cities to build Skyscrapers.
  • 4. The process of a country introducing industry on a large scale is called what?
  • 5. This picture represents what kind of setting?
A) Urban
B) Suburban
C) Rural
  • 6. This picture represents what kind of setting?
A) Urban
B) Rural
C) Suburban
  • 7. This picture represents what kind of setting?
A) Rural
B) Urban
C) Suburban
  • 8. This word describes crowded cities.
  • 9. This word describes small towns, country settings and open spaces.
  • 10. This word describes living in an area near a large city.
  • 11. This is created when a business sells pieces of its ownership to shareholders.
A) Company
B) Corporation
C) Cooperation
D) Completion
  • 12. Pieces of ownership in a company are called...
A) Stocks
B) Units
C) Certificates of Ownership
D) Steps
  • 13. These are people who invest in companies and become part owner.
A) Sharebroker
B) Shareinvestor
C) Stockbroker
D) Shareholder
  • 14. John D Rockefeller's company was called what?
  • 15. Andrew Carnegie made his money producing what material?
  • 16. This is when a business gains control of an industry by eliminating other competitors.
  • 17. This is a business leader who uses dishonest methods to grow rich.
A) Robber Baron
B) Investing
C) Monopoly
D) Stockmarket
  • 18. What time period are we currently studying?
A) 1920-1930
B) 1900-1910
C) 1910-1920
D) 1890-1900
  • 19. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from what country?
A) United Kingdom
B) Germany
C) Canada
D) France
  • 20. For most immigrants coming to the East Coast, what was their first stop?
  • 21. As immigration increased certain nations had restrictions placed on them entering America. One example of this was this law.
A) European Exclusion Act
B) Japanese Exclusion Act
C) African Exclusion Act
D) Chinese Exclusion Act
  • 22. For most Asian immigrants coming to the West Coast, this was their first stop.
  • 23. As more people from around the world immigrated to America and their cultures began to blend, America became known as a...
  • 24. During this big time of immigration cities began to grow. Many new immigrants were forced to live in run-down over crowded apartments called...
  • 25. List an industry.
  • 26. What was this political cartoon trying to say about Standard Oil's practices as a corporation?
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